Thursday, November 5, 2009

Natural Gas Drilling Toxic Threat to Texas Drinking Water

Environment Texas put out a press release yesterday about gas drilling and toxic water.

Excessive waste of fresh water and toxic chemicals gas drillers use in the extraction of the gas are threatening our drinking water in the Barnett Shale area.

Below are a few paragraphs from the press release

Toxic chemicals used in natural gas drilling could pose a threat to water quality near Texas’ 95,814 gas wells according to a report released today by Environment Texas.

Sharon Wilson with Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project stated:
“Texas does not have any regulations specific to hydraulic fracturing, and communities have lost confidence in the state's interest in protecting human health. Federal regulation and full disclosure is essential to ensure we have minimum protections in Texas.”

The TXOGAP is working towards reform and accountability in the oil and gas industry.

How many times have we heard "what a blessing the Barnett Shale is?" State Rep. Lon Burnam is concerned about the cost the citizens of the shale are having to pay.

"We are blessed with an abundance of natural gas in Texas," said State Rep. Lon Burnam (D-Fort Worth). "But if we don't take some concrete steps to protect our even more precious air and water resources, that blessing could quickly turn into a curse."

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