Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Flower Mound may get 18 new gas wells and 1 compressor station

In the last 30 days, Flower Mound has received applications for 11 gas wells, an amendment to a previous application for 7 additional gas wells and a large compression station. 18 new wells!!!

The applications are as follows:

Titan has filed for 1 well at the Hilliard Site

Williams has filed applications for 4 wells for Pad B and 2 wells for Pad C on the Bob Smith property. In addition to the Pad B and C wells they applied for amendment on this lease for 7 additional wells for Pad A on the Bob Smith property.

Williams has submitted an application in for a compression station on the Sam Wilson property. This may be near the proposed Waste Water Collection Facility "Tank Farm" where many tank batteries will be on-site and pipelines incoming and outgoing would be located.

Only the amended application for the additional 7 wells on Bob Smith Pad A have been approved because they did not need any setbacks. There are already 3 wells on this pad site. The others have just been received and not completely reviewed by the town officials, when they are finished reviewing them, they will be added to the next Gas Well Status Report. For more information, contact Brandon Bammel at 972-874-6354.
Many thanks to Brandon for the information today.

The compression station and the proposed Waste Water Collection Facility "tank farm" would be less than a mile from Liberty Elementary and a proposed LISD Middle School. Also 1 to 2 miles of Wellington Elementary, most of the Wellington sub-division, and a large portion of Bridlewood. The health effects from being near this much activity has been all over the news. The Town of Dish, just 15 short miles from Flower Mound, air quality has been in the news for the last two months. The study of Dish showed high levels of toxins in their air that can cause short term and long term human health effects. Also the problem with NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material) has shown up in the drinking water of the towns of Chico, Aledo, and Hudson Oaks.

Monday night at the Flower Mound Town Council Meeting, two fathers spoke with us about their children who are battling leukemia. One of these families live in the Wellington area and said he knew of 3 other families in the Wellington area with children battling this disease. The other family lives in Southern Flower Mound about 4 miles from the far northern property of DFW. Let's make it very clear no one is saying this is directly from drilling activity and there is currently no evidence of this yet. But, it makes you wonder why 5 children from the same 5 mile radius area have been diagnosed with Leukemia in the last 2 to 4 years?

The Hilliard well will be a little over 1200' from Shadow Ridge Middle School.

As you can see by the map the other wells are within 1 to 5 miles of many homes, schools, and parks.

What will Flower Mound's air quality and water quality be like when all this activity is going on? Since independent (not those only conducted by the gas drilling company) air or water quality tests are not being done on a regular basis, we may never know.

Until we are sure of the effects from the Barnett Shale, we need a moratorium on all gas drilling in North Texas!!!!

That saying "What you don't know may kill you" comes to mind.


KikiZ said...

Hello Mr Jefferson,

Are you aware that four children have Leukemia in a few blocks area in Flower Mound?

Related article about gas drilling and Leukemia links here:

Local parents speak up about their children here

A neighbor wrote me this in an email yesterday. She lives a few blocks north of 409 and Shiloh.
One of the trucks a few years ago, dumped some type of gas/oil reside in front of our subdivision, the house with the white board fence, she lost all her frontage trees, about 50, which was a nice cover/landscape for our neigborhood., No one was caught, but I was so angry for all those trees that lost their lifes....
Interesting, and my own blood is not right... red/white cells off.

A focused meeting about health should be held for the neighbors and environmental samples should be done of soil and water by us, the neighbors, by an independent testing company. This should NOT be connected to drilling. This should be focused on HEALTH and environmental pollution.
Do you want to schedule and organize a meeting or shall we, the neighbors form a group with the families? Funds should be provided to the neighbors to take our own environmental samples to a private testing company for double and triple testing.
I'm positive we could get newspaper coverage due to the clump of Leukemia outbreak in a few block area of children. The EMF pollution should be tested as well from cell towers and electrical lines.

Child with chronic hives said...

I am very concerned about my daughter. She is 21 months old and has had chronic hives that started around January. We live in the apartments that are down the hill from Grapevine Mills Mall. I am just beginning my awareness about this whole thing - I don't even know what the purpose of the drill is up by the mall. I did notice a "car-like" smell in my shower water one time. It freaked me out. Looking back, I really wonder if it had something to do with all this.
My daughter's hives have no known cause, we have done a chest x ray and lots of blood work. Her labs came back normal. She is almost off the growth chart but is healthy in every other way. I am so terrified that she could have the beginnings of Leukemia or something. Wouldn't you think that since I am in the valley of that drilling site (IS it in fact a true drilling site at the mall?), our water would be particularly susceptible? I don't know the answers to these things just yet.
I am going to talk to our pediatrician about all of this and see what she thinks. I know that some kids just get hives and some kids are just small, and I might be consumed with worry just because I am a young Mom. But this has to stop. And I'm not optimistic. I am so so sorry for the families whose kids truly have leukemia.
If anyone has information for me, could you post it in response? I am so worried. Should we just break our lease and move? It's not that easy! I really want to just run away and move to Virginia or Connecticut. I am really scared about this.

Child with chronic hives said...

I wrote this message to Senator Hutchinson yesterday:

Texas has some of the kindest people I have ever met. I hail from the Northeastern US, as a kid.

I am terrified to live here now. I was taking a shower a couple of months ago and smelled something like car parts in my apartment's water. My beautiful, brilliant, absolutely precious DREAM daugther of mine has unexplained hives and has been undergoing testing. I live about a mile from a drilling site, in its valley. I am positively terrified that she could have something serious. It steals my sleep. I love her so much, the thought of her being sick or losing her is positively agony.

It pains me to wish I could trust my government. I wish I could have that childlike faith in the people who are supposed to watch over me. I went to bed on the 4th of July and just cried for the new sense of un-safety that I feel in my home, and my powerlessness at the moment to escape it. I don't believe my water is safe. I am scared for my husband and baby and beautiful extended family and schoolchildren I teach in this area.

I cannot fathom the guilt of being the person who puts this kind of legislation into action, where they prioritize money over health. You cannot buy a new person if someone dies. Once a precious soul is gone, it's gone forever on this earth. I would do anything and everything to protect my daughter. Including leaving Texas and leaving so much that I love here. It's just not fair.

Please hear my plea and please help me to turn this around. Our citizens need stops in place to make sure that our water and air are safe. Cancer is so real. Not everyone will get it, but some precious little child somewhere will, and there is no limit to the suffering his or her family will feel. We need to do everything possible to prevent this from happening.
Help us please. Make this a priority because you are human beings with souls who understand that our health is more important than money. If it slows things down, so be it. We can live with less oil, or oil more slowly. We cannot live without clean water and air. That is not a partisan argument, that is fact.

Thank you so much if you have truly read this. It gives me hope to write to you.
Kristin, Grapevine TX

FMCAUD said...

Kristen, Please contact us at our e-mail
We have some info and some questions for you. So sorry to hear about your daughter. You are doing the right thing by being persistant and contacting your doctor. Please contact us.