Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pipelines Leak!!!

In addition to the pipelines needed to bring gas to our homes, there are those that are usually associated with gas drilling activity. Flower Mound, Argyle and Bartonville may have these and more.

Williams Production wants to pipe toxic gas drilling waster water underground to a Centralized Collection Facility and then pipe it up north to a disposal well in their neighboring town of Argyle.

The residents of Bartonville have been told their drilling waste will go to the proposed CCF too and then end up in Argyle. The waste from Argyle wells will be piped to the disposal well on Jeter Rd. So pipes everywhere!

Pipelines can and do leak. The waste water has highly corrosive hydrocarbons which can eat away at the pipeline over a period of time. On top of that, human error can come into play. Construction crews, maintenance workers etc. with back hoes. Yes, there is "call before you dig" where someone will tell you approximately where the pipeline is. But soil can shift and so can the pipelines.

Here are just a few "accidents"
Seeps, Leaks, Spills
Wise County Pipeline Leak
Failed pipe connections causes three spills

Accidents do happen. Do we want to increase the chance by adding more pipelines to the mix?

On-site recycling and purification is the "neighborly" and the right thing to do. This would make everyone is responsible for their own waste. No one gets it piped under their property or school and most important, no one has to live next to a toxic disposal well.

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