Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Attention Flower Mound residents: Do you trust Kleinfelder to test your air?

Do you trust Kleinfelder to test your air? You may not after reading this.

VANCOUVER, Jan. 16 /CNW/ - Precision Assessment Technology Corporation("PATC" or the "Company") announced today that the acquisition of 16 rigs and10 crews from Spectrum Drilling, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kleinfelder, is now completed.

Jim Kleinfelder founded Spectrum Drilling. Click here to read bio.

Hmm sure looks like a huge conflict of interest!!

That explains the poor job of air quality testing they did earlier this year.

Kleinfleder is still under contract with the Town of Flower Mound to do more testing. It may be time to terminate their contract.

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On Kleinfelder's website, it list the Energy Industry at the top of the list of clients. On the Energy page it lists testimonials and Project Samples. Four of the five listed are from the Oil & Gas Industry.
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TXsharon said...

Nice sleuthing.

Anonymous said...

May be time????????

Dizzymonk said...

Southlake to use Kleinfelder too.