Friday, June 1, 2012

One Step Forward, Three Steps Back...

Is anyone else experiencing Deja Vu? Last night our new council had the audacity to appoint Jean Levenick to Place 5, the seat Tom Hayden left to run for Mayor. We heard it was a unanimous. So  basically we have the same majority we had during 2008-2010, (Bryan Webb will now play the role of Mike Wallace).

For us here at FMCAUD, this brings back memories of the "old" days when council members said one thing and did another AND Disrespected their office and the people of Flower Mound. (Don't forget to read the comments.) Apparently, it seems others are shocked and angered by this decision since we have received many phone calls and emails on this topic today.

There really isn't anymore to say that can express our disappointment in this selection when there were so many qualified prospects to choose from. Click here for a link to all information on Jean Levenick that has been posted on this blog.

Why would anyone want to take one step forward and three steps back?