Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Out of the Neighborhood"

Earlier this week we received yet another mailing from Cherokee Horn boldly declaring that's "IT'S OFFICIAL" and that the "majority of your neighborhood has decided to participate in this opportunity!"

Shame on you Cherokee Horn. You didn't tell the whole story.

#1) The majority of the residents have NOT decided to "participate in this opportunity". You have leased some large tracts of land (with a single landowner) that completely distorts your claim.

#2) You state that you have "established a well site at the Hillard Airfield." Again, that is very misleading. Almost a year ago you filed an application with the Texas Railroad Commission for the Hillard site. Anyone one can get one.

But, you haven't obtained a permit from the Town (quite an onerous process depending on the setback variances required) and you cannot even begin to think about drilling until that has been done.

#3) Your mailing (I have no doubt directed at those of us in Woodlake Estates) also touts that the Hillard site is "out of the neighborhood."

Couple thoughts: What about all of the propaganda over the past year on behalf of the Northshore location, which tried to convince us how safe a neighborhood gas well was and how we'd just barely notice it for a few days!?! You led us to believe that it was no big deal to have a gas well a few hundred feet from our homes. But, now we're being asked to sign since it's been moved "out of the neighborhood."

How nice of you to move out it of "the neighborhood." But what about the unfortunates who live in "the neighborhood" around Hillard?

The developers are the first to accuse efforts like FMCAUD of being "NIMBYs" [Not In My Backyard]; yet, they're the first to use it to try to sway people.

Do you see the hypocrisy in this? For $500 bucks you can put a well in someone else's backyard.

Nice. Very nice.

And one last thing. Regardless of what Cherokee Horn says, the percentage of leased properties does not determine if they will ultimately be granted a permit to drill.

Please, regardless of whatever neighborhood you live in, do the "neighborly" thing and don't sign any agreements with anyone offering you the "opportunity" to sell out your friends and neighbors for $500!