Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gas Glut. Where does all that "abundant" gas go?

We are experiencing a "Natural Gas Glut" here in the United States. Demand for natural gas has dropped and so have the prices. Do you ever wonder where all that extra gas is stored?

Most of the natural gas extracted is stored underground. This U.S. Government report is from 2007. It shows all the gas storage facilities by region. Very interesting info. Since this report came out, many new underground facilities have popped up.

Click here for more info on gas storage.

If you are interested in how the gas is moved across the United States, or just looking for a place to move to get away from this, click here for a map of compressor stations and here for a map of shales.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gasland The Movie is coming to Flower Mound October 27th

"GasLand" Screening at Celebrations Event Center , Highland Village , TX

Where: Celebrations 2380 FM 407, Highland Village, TX 75077 (behind the Chase Bank building at the Morriss Road intersection)

When: Wednesday, 10/27 6:30 PM

Flower Mound Shares/FMDF and ShaleTest are thrilled to host Josh Fox for a screening of "Gasland" on October 27, 2010 at Celebrations, 2380 FM 407, Highland Village, TX.

Suggested donations are:
General Admission $15, Students $7, and $50 for the after party.

A reception, with a cash bar and live music, starts at 6:30 PM, this is open to everyone. The screening begins at 7 PM, followed by an after party for those who make a $50.00 donation. Josh Fox, DISH Mayor, Calvin Tillman and grass roots leaders from the area will be at this special after party.

Proceeds will benefit ShaleTest, a new non - profit that provides environmental testing to low income families, and the Flower Mound Defense Fund, dedicated to protecting the residential character of the Town and supporting the continuous improvement of oil and gas drilling regulations to better protect our health, safety and quality of life.

The after - party donation includes admission, light Hors D'oeuvres and coffee/tea. Suggested donation is $50 per person.

Please RSVP to Cathy Weiskopf - or Ginger Simonson - by Oct 26 if you wish to attend the after party reception (so we can provide an accurate headcount for food).

Donations can be made by cash or check (to Flower Mound Defense Fund) at the door.
To order tickets online using PayPal - click here and follow the link "GasLand tickets".
Please print and bring your PayPal Receipt to the event.

Celebrations is on the NW corner behind the Chase Bank building at the Morriss Road intersection.2380 FM 407 ( Justin Road )Highland Village, TX 75077

Click here for directions. (click on the map for door to door directions)
Click here for flyer.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Schools and Gas Drilling

Argyle residents are in the midst of every parents nightmare....What if the health and safety of your child was being threatened everyday and no one was listening?

In this post from
TXSharon, it focuses on the odor and health complaints of students attending Argyle schools that are close to drilling. The schools vary in distance from the drilling. But what is most alarming is that even students attending a school a half of mile away, or a little over 2600 feet, are experiencing health issues and can smell offensive odors.

Here in Flower Mound, a pad site sits just over 1000 feet from Liberty Elementary. In the past 3 years, there has been an increase in child leukemia and breast cancer in this area. The Titan Hilliard site will be a little over 1700 feet from Shadow Ridge Middle School.

Many are concerned that the air quality in this area could be a factor. Last year an EPA analysis of Denton County's air quality, showed a 25% higher risk for cancer and respiratory diseases than the national average. In this study done by the Environmental Defense Fund, it links air pollutants with Barnett Shale Gas Production.

It is the right of every American to be educated no matter what their economic situation is. That is what the public school system is all about. It is also the right of every American to be educated in a safe and healthy environment.

So why, all across America, do school districts continue to sign mineral leases with the gas and oil industry? They claim it is free money, it helps fund programs, balance the budget etc. Argyle school district has received $680,681.25 in revenue from the leases, including royalty and bonus payments.

In a recent
Denton Records Chronicle article, Susan Knoll stated it would most likely not cover the cost of treating one child with leukemia. Child leukemia is one of the most expensive types of cancer to treat.

A few years ago Lewisville Independent School District signed mineral leases for all their properties. Almost all of those leases have expired or LISD was released. It is rumored that they are once again being courted by gas drilling companies.

Gas drilling is heavy industry. It has no place next to schools and homes.

We must continue to put pressure on our school districts to not sign leases!! Let your voices be heard before it is too late. We have listed the emails for the LISD Board of Trustees.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Big Boys in Tulsa

We will let the video speak for itself.
Click here

No...... We do not know who made this video. It was sent to us. This is purely for entertainment purposes.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Williams Scenic Site Emissions

Flower Mound residents are complaining of odors and health issues near the Williams Scenic Site in West Flower Mound. Everything from nose bleeds, burning eyes, sore throats, and respiratory problems.

This video was taken a little over 4 weeks ago at the Williams Scenic site. The camera is a Flir and is designed to show emissions that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Around the same time, residents affected by the odors and health issues, called TCEQ. When TCEQ arrived, they got a reading of 53ppm with their TVA gun. The TVA or Toxic Vapor Analyzer is used to monitor hydrocarbons. Anything over 5ppm requires the TCEQ to do a canister test. This site was over 10 times what TCEQ considers dangerous!!! Yet, already some industry people are trying to discredit this video.

High levels of methane were detected at the Scenic site earlier this year when California based Picarro did mapping in the area.

In a previous post from March 5th, some residents complained of odors coming from this a few days before the methane mapping was conducted. In fact, the TCEQ has received odor and health complaints at this site 7 times between January 2010 and June 2010. The total number of complaints for Williams production sites here in Flower Mound is 16 from January 2010 to June 2010. Canister samples were taken 10 times, which means the TVA got an unacceptable reading. There is a serious problem with emissions here and it needs to be addressed.

Williams has had problems with compressor sites in other areas before. Click here.

This little paragraph is from the Williams Barnett Site.
Williams says:

Williams is a trusted name in the natural gas industry. We’re actively and responsibly developing natural gas reserves in North Texas. Our local professionals include environmental, health and safety specialists who are dedicated to helping protect air and water quality.

Okay Williams, it is time for you to put your money where your mouth is. Step up, spend some cash and get vapor recovery and emission control on these sites!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Notification Letters for 2nd Titan Rule 37 have been sent out

On Tuesday, October 19th, notification letters were sent out to residents affected by the 2nd Titan Rule 37 application.

For those affected, you have every right to protest this. Do not let anyone tell you that it is a "done" deal. If fact, the burden of proof will fall on Titan.

Last week we gave a brief description of what a Rule 37 is.

Click here to see permit. If you scroll down to the applications, you will find many informative forms to click on and read.
Click here to see if your name is on the public posted list.

We have a lot of information on Rule 37. How to fill out protest letter, what to expect after you file for a protest, etc.

Contact us at

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just another day in Paradise. Titan is building sound wall

Titan has started building the sound wall at Hilliard Field.

It is looking more and more like an industrial zone everyday.
Click here to see a short video.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Concerned about the proposed Aberdeen/School Crossing Titan/Hilliard Traffic Route?

The proposed traffic route for the Titan/Hilliard site is to build a continuation of Aberdeen through to FM 2499. This is an entrance to neighborhoods, school crossing and also a walkway that leads to Shadow Ridge.

Right now, they want to use the portion of Aberdeen that runs by Shadow Ridge as an emergency route. A road is being build as we speak. Hmm... makes you wonder why they are going through the expense and trouble if it isn't going to be used? The proposed emergency route would be the FM 2499 entrance to Hilliard Field.

Many residents are questioning why all the truck traffic is being shifted to the South end of Hilliard Field. Closer to the schools and near the entrance of a densely populated neighborhood. Away from the property and lease holder's home.
Good question!

We encourage you to write TXDot, LISD and the Town of Flower Mound to voice your concerns.

What are the other options?

Use Mr. Hilliard's street Sheri Lane as the main access road. When trucks are servicing the site, they have to sit and park waiting for access. This would take this idle truck traffic off of FM 2499 and put it on Sheri Ln. In late 2007, a traffic study was done on the portion of FM 2499 between FM 3040 and Spinks. This stretch saw over 40,000 cars and trucks a day. The new Lewisville Lake Bridge on FM 2499 will open soon. This will bring even more traffic through this area. Trucks parked along FM 2499 waiting for access could be a disaster.

The FM 2499 entrance to Hilliard could be used as a emergency route and allow better access to the site in case of an accident or explosion.

Town of Flower Mound



Information Meeting Announcing The Formation of ShaleTest Non-Profit Environmental Testing

For Immediate Release:
Information Meeting Announcing The Formation of ShaleTestNon-Profit Environmental TestingFort Worth Texas-- Josh Fox, producer of the award winning documentary Gasland will join the Board of Directors for the announcement of ShaleTest, a non-profit organization that will provide environmental testing on water, soil and air for lower income families. ShaleTest was formed by DISH, TX Mayor Calvin Tillman, and Wise County property owner Tim Ruggierro. Other founding board members include founder of the BlueDaze website and Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project community organizer Sharon Wilson, Susan Knoll, of Bartonville TX and Cora Bell of Corinth TX. is a new national group that has a mission: “To provide lower income and compromised individuals with environmental testing of their drinking water, air and soil that might have been impacted by natural gas development. Our testing involves analyzing and measuring these elements for the presence of natural gas development fluids or associated chemicals and compounds. We also provide the public with educational awareness to the dangers associated with natural gas development." Currently, ShaleTest has testing volunteers in Texas, Pennsylvania and Arkansas, and is recruiting in other states.

DISH mayor Calvin Tillman says that " I have seen a real weakness in the availability of quality environmental testing across the United States to all families, especially in lower income areas. Therefore, citizens must rely on poorly equipped and understaffed state agencies to protect them, ShaleTest will level the playing field for these people".

Co-founder Tim Ruggiero says "I have seen first hand what negative impacts natural gas development has had on our air, water, soil and even our property values. I have also seen the unwillingness to address these issues and the political game playing and foot dragging from our local and federal level politicians and protection agencies to assist any of us.We cannot allow our quest for energy to outweigh our need for clean air and water. Mayor Tillman and I formed this non-profit group to do what the very same agencies that have sworn to protect us simply refuse to do."

"Currently, it is up to citizens to prove harm rather than industry to prove lack of harm and it is now clear that state regulations do not protect public health." said Sharon Wilson, Organizer for Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project. "With enough data we can shift that burden back to those who profit and hold them accountable for their irresponsible operations."

When: October 26, 2010, 12:30 PM

Where: Tandy Lecture Hall inside of the Fort Worth Library, located at 500 West 3rd Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102

For More Information

Calvin Tillman, Mayor, DISH, TX
(940) 453-3640,

Tim Ruggiero(917) 763-8901,

Sharon Wilson(940) 389-1622,


Calvin Tillman
Mayor, DISH, TX
(940) 453-3640

"Those who say it can not be done, should get out of the way of those that are doing it" ~Calvin Tillman

Thursday, October 14, 2010

MARK YOUR CALENDARS. GASLAND the movie is coming to Flower Mound

Gasland The Movie is coming to the Flower Mound area.
October 27th
7:00 pm
More info to follow in the next few days.

Concerned about the proposed Aberdeen/School Crossing Titan/Hilliard Traffic Route?

Attend the LISD board meeting Monday, October 18th and voice your concerns. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and anyone wishing to speak should plan to arrive in advance of this time so that they have ample time to fill out and submit a request to speak during public participation, otherwise they will not be allowed to speak.

This is an opportunity for residents/parents to share their thoughts about the school crossing at
Aberdeen and 2499. The walkway on the school property that the students use to go to and from Shadow Ridge and Bluebonnet is located here.

It is also an opportunity to speak about the potential impacts to the use of the vacant, publicly-owned school property intended for the ninth grade campus. The tanker trucks would have to cross through a portion of this LISD land to to access the intersection.

There are other options for the route. Sherri Lane, the street that the surface and mineral lease holder Mr. Hilliard's home is located on, was considered at one time.

Please show up and let LISD know your concerns.

LISD Board Meeting Location

Board Room
William T. Bolin Administrative Center
1565 W. Main St.

7:00 pm

The agenda will be posted 72 hours before the meeting.

Click here for more information.

TCEQ Odor Complaint System Meeting

About 50 people showed up in Dish last night to share their stories and comment on the TCEQ 12 Hour Odor Response System.

Representatives from the EPA and the TCEQ were present. It appears that neither agency can really do enough in the immediate future to help. TCEQ and EPA tried to answer questions but it is clear that each agency has their hands tied in some way. The system set up here in Texas allows too many holes when it comes to enforcement and action needed to remedy the problems and health issues we face here in the Barnett Shale.

The TCEQ and the Texas Railroad Commission do not work well together. Each agency oversees different issues that are connected in so many ways. This allows these complaints, health issues, and problems to fall through the cracks.

Many residents living near natural gas production sites, from Rural and Urban areas of Wise County, Denton County and Tarrant County, are experiencing health issues. These health issues include, numerous cancers, child leukemia, nose bleeds, respiratory issues, headaches, chemicals in their blood and organs etc. The list goes on.

Change needs to be made on the State and Federal level. Unfortunately, it may not happen soon enough to save some of the Citizens of the Shale.

Click here for a great report from TXSharon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Titan/Hilliard preparing emergency route

This morning Titan Operating began preparing the original emergency route for the Hilliard Field. This route will be the only access road in and out of Shadow Ridge Middle School.

In case of an accident that requires evacuation, the buses needed to evacuate students and staff from Shadow Ridge Middle School would share the access road with emergency response equipment.

Click here to view video 1

Click here to view video 2

Monday, October 11, 2010

TXOGAP Public Meeting: State Officials Snub Angry Residents' Town Hall Meeting

Records Show Texas Takes No Action on 99% of Barnett Shale Complaints

State Officials Snub Angry Residents’ Town Hall Meeting

DISH, Texas, Oct. 11 –State inspectors cited no violations in response to almost 99 percent of citizen complaints about natural gas drilling and hydrofracking operations in the Barnett Shale region in the first seven months of 2010, according to documents obtained through the Texas Public Information Act.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) records show 256 complaints – more than one a day – about odor and health effects from January 1 to July 23 ­in Tarrant, Denton, Wise and other counties in the Barnett Shale formation. Yet only three violations were found, all at the same site in Wise County.

Further details of the documents obtained by EARTHWORKS’ Texas Oil & Gas Accountability Project will be released Wednesday, Oct. 13 at a town hall meeting in Dish, Denton County. The meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Dish Town Hall, 5413 Tim Donald Road.

The meeting was called to discuss TCEQ’s complaint response system, seven months after it was instituted in response to a community health survey that found hundreds of residents are suffering from headaches, nausea, breathing problems and other symptoms associated with exposure to the chemicals used in drilling and fracking. Dr. Wilma Subra – a Louisiana chemist and recipient of a MacArthur “genius” award – will discuss her analysis of the TCEQ documents.

TCEQ will be notably absent.

Executive Director Mark Vickerey was repeatedly asked to attend or to send a representative to hear residents’ concerns. He declined, even though the agency is holding its own “open house” in Arlington – 43 miles away – on Sunday, Oct. 16, to show off the equipment it is using to monitor the air in the Barnett Shale Region. There’ll be an empty chair at the town hall meeting in case anyone from TCEQ shows up – and to remind residents of the agency’s lack of response to complaints.

“I’m not sure what good the equipment does when their response to a complaint from a real person is to take no action,” says Sharon Wilson of the Texas Oil & Gas Accountability Project. “Not showing up to the meeting is in keeping with their lack of response to the problems we have documented.”

One of the complaints received by TCEQ reads: "The odor was so strong my 7-year old was vomiting." Another says: "We were surrounded by horrible odors that caused headaches and heart palpitations. We had to leave home for the night." In both cases, the state’s investigation found no violation.

“Such a small number of citations and violations when compared to the more than 250 complaints, odor complaints and health impacts are unacceptable,” says Subra’s analysis of the complaints. “A mechanism needs to be devised to reduce and address the human health impacts associated with the operations of the Barnett shale gas.“

Click here for flyer.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Titan Files An Application For Another Rule 37

On Tuesday, Titan filed another application for a Rule 37 for the Hilliard North Unit. This is the second one in a week. It does not appear that any notification letters have gone out yet on this one.

Last week we gave a
brief description of what a Rule 37 is.

Click here to see permit. If you scroll down to the applications, you will find many informative forms to click on and read.
Click here to see if your name is on the public posted list.

For more information, contact us at

Titan...Keep your trucks out of our neighborhoods!!!

It has already started. Trucks bringing dirt and other supplies to the Hilliard field cut through Woodlake this morning. This was during the morning when children were walking to school and residents walking their dogs through the neighborhood. Our source watched these trucks go straight to Hilliard Field. Why are they not using 2499?

There is no need to go through our neighborhoods. Period!

Hilliard Field is in the middle of many neighborhoods. The safety, health, welfare, and quality of life of those residents should be the number one priority.

The eyes of Flower Mound are upon you Titan and Hilliard and we will hold you accountable!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Ugly Truth About The Economics Of Gas Drilling

It doesn't look pretty. It appears the gas drilling industry is being forced to sell future production at a lower cost than the current low cost of natural gas production just to stay afloat. Chesapeake, the second largest producer of natural gas just sold future Barnett Shale production to an affiliate of British Bank Barclays.

raising money to fund drilling and cut debt

Click here to see the Industrial Fuels and Power article about the future production.

How many companies will survive?

What about those like Titan Operating that depend on Venture Capital to run their company?

Remember the
Internet Bubble and Private Equity Crash 2000 to 2003? Could this happen again with the natural gas industry? The selling of future production at very low prices can't be a good sign for the gas drilling company or those that are funding it.

March 2000 shook virtually the entire venture capital industry as valuations for start up technology companies collapsed. The values of the fund's investments were below the amount of capital invested

Definition of Venture Capital:

To put it simply, an investment firm will give money to a growing company. The growing company will then use this money to advertise, do research, build infrastructure, develop products etc. The investment firm is called a venture capital firm, and the money that it gives is called venture capital.

The venture capital firm makes money by owning a stake in the firm it invests in.
What if there is no money to be made? If the cost of gas stays where it is or goes lower?

What happens when a company can no longer continue production at a site because they ran out of money? Think about it long and hard and at the same time think Hilliard Field, near homes, schools, churches, and the gateway to Flower Mound.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Public Meeting for TCEQ Odor Response System

Have you made an odor complaint to TCEQ and not been happy with the outcome?

Are you interested and learning more about the "Odor Complaint System" and how it can serve the citizens of the shale better?

You are invited to the Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project's Help Fix the TCEQ's Stinky 12-hour Odor Response System public meeting where you will get to speak for 3 minutes about your experience with their response and give your suggestions for how to make it work better.

DISH, Texas Town Hall
5413 Tim Donald Road
DISH, Texas 76247 MAP

October 13, 2010, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Wilma Subra
TCEQ or their empty chair
Sharon Wilson

Click here for flyer.

Citizens of the Shale: Please document odors, health effects, possible water and soil contamination

Timelines and odor logs are considered evidence. If you want the EPA's ear please do the following:

  • Keep timelines and daily logs of odors, health effects, water and soil contamination.

  • Make odor complaints to the TCEQ (you may feel this is a waste of time but the data the TCEQ collects can be used to create the logs and timelines.)

  • If you have health effects you believe are caused by natural gas extraction activity in your area, please get environmental testing. Click here for a list of Environmental Doctors in the area.

  • Send documentation to Texas OGAP at

Click here to read Pavillion Study.

Judge dismisses citizens lawsuit against the Town Flower Mound

Yesterday, State District Judge Margaret Barnes dismissed a lawsuit filed against the town by residents Virginia Simonson and Prakash Parameswaran.

At this time, there is very little information out there about the dismissal. The plaintiffs have 30 days to file an appeal.

Click here for the Town of Flower Mound's eblast.
here for the Dallas Morning News article.
here for the Flower Mound Leader article.