Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Out of the Neighborhood"

Earlier this week we received yet another mailing from Cherokee Horn boldly declaring that's "IT'S OFFICIAL" and that the "majority of your neighborhood has decided to participate in this opportunity!"

Shame on you Cherokee Horn. You didn't tell the whole story.

#1) The majority of the residents have NOT decided to "participate in this opportunity". You have leased some large tracts of land (with a single landowner) that completely distorts your claim.

#2) You state that you have "established a well site at the Hillard Airfield." Again, that is very misleading. Almost a year ago you filed an application with the Texas Railroad Commission for the Hillard site. Anyone one can get one.

But, you haven't obtained a permit from the Town (quite an onerous process depending on the setback variances required) and you cannot even begin to think about drilling until that has been done.

#3) Your mailing (I have no doubt directed at those of us in Woodlake Estates) also touts that the Hillard site is "out of the neighborhood."

Couple thoughts: What about all of the propaganda over the past year on behalf of the Northshore location, which tried to convince us how safe a neighborhood gas well was and how we'd just barely notice it for a few days!?! You led us to believe that it was no big deal to have a gas well a few hundred feet from our homes. But, now we're being asked to sign since it's been moved "out of the neighborhood."

How nice of you to move out it of "the neighborhood." But what about the unfortunates who live in "the neighborhood" around Hillard?

The developers are the first to accuse efforts like FMCAUD of being "NIMBYs" [Not In My Backyard]; yet, they're the first to use it to try to sway people.

Do you see the hypocrisy in this? For $500 bucks you can put a well in someone else's backyard.

Nice. Very nice.

And one last thing. Regardless of what Cherokee Horn says, the percentage of leased properties does not determine if they will ultimately be granted a permit to drill.

Please, regardless of whatever neighborhood you live in, do the "neighborly" thing and don't sign any agreements with anyone offering you the "opportunity" to sell out your friends and neighbors for $500!


Anonymous said...

Would that be the Hilliard property? Or Hillard?

Anonymous said...

From the Cherokee "Thorn" website:

"Titan will be complying with all of the Flower Mound and Lewisville City Ordinances. Posted by: Cherokee Horn | March 09, 2009 at 12:15 PM"

So does that mean that Cherokee Thorn is publicly declaring with a guarantee that Titan will not sue when the O&G Board declines a variance to said ordinance? Anyone want to take the over/under on how many days it takes for this post to be removed from their site?

In other news, thanks for everyones contributions to the legal fund. With gas prices at record lows, a near guaranteed defeat at the O&G Board, remaining "hold-outs" holding the line, and now this fund, our position has strengthened significantly over this same time just one year ago.

I am also encouranged by the number "non gas influenced" citizens running for council positions. While local media would like to suggest that "gas is not as big an issue as it was last year", the conversation has not even begun again.....yet.

Mendy Poole said...

For everyone's information, Millions of dollars are spent landscaping wellsites, and making sure that it is eco-friendly and safe for everyone. Also, I want you to tell me how in the world you run you're fancy little vehicles and heat your fancy little homes without natural gas? Also, did you ever stop and think of the food that you're taking out of children's mouths, because you're petitioning against drilling? That causes guys with families to support and worry about to lose their jobs. Did any of you stop and think about that? No, you didn't. All you see are dirty roughnecks who are beneath you. Well, let me tell you something about those dirty roughnecks. They'll work more in their lives than you could ever imagine. You would be sick to your stomachs if you had to work as hard and as long as they do. They don't have a 9-5 job in a cozy office, out of the rain, snow, blistering heat. I've seen these guys put in 12, 13, 14 hours of straight work, with no lunch break or anything. Could you do that? No, you couldn't. You wouldn't even think of having a job like that. So, the next time you feel like degrading one of these guys, cause you do everytime you degrade the oil and gas field, you just remember that they have more heart, spirit and work ethics in their little finger, than you have in your entire body.

Anonymous said...

The landscaping dies because there is too much salt in the soil. Your car runs on natural gas, I seriously doubt it. No one on this site has ever said anything disparaging about people that work on the sites, in fact, if you would have bothered to read the WHOLE blog you would have seen that one of the drilling supporters said that we could "dig ditches" for them. Then the "working class" was defended on this very site. If anything, they are victimized even more, and you should be just as angry at the working conditions and exposure to chemicals as the rest of us are, but instead you choose to make an enemy of us, and side with the very forces that dictate how you are to live your life. Yes, we all have jobs, and very few of us have jobs that put other people in danger, maybe YOU should think about that. Drill somewhere where OUR families are not put at risk. OUR families deserve a safe environment to live in just as much as yours deserve one.

mendy poole said...

I love that everyone who's against the drilling refuse to give their names. What are you afraid of?

Anonymous said...

Safety from nut jobs.

Anonymous said...

Whatev Mendy...I drive by well sites every day and all of them look awful. Not to mention the stink. As far as the work ethic...spare me...nobody is making them work in that field. We all have our specialties...if it wasn't for those people in cozy offices...your roughnecks wouldn't have jobs.

Anonymous said...

It is people in "suits and ties" that gather the leases so they have a site to drill, process payroll, and developed the technology so it could be drilled in the first place. Do you want those people to lose their jobs? After all, they are in YOUR company too. Sounds like all you are truely thinking about is yourself. What company does this person work for? What's their name? Do they report to a person in a suit? After all, if you don't disclose that, I can't imagine what you would be afraid of. Pur your money where your mouth is, but of course, you won't.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mendy. I find it interesting that the allegedly well-educated posters are not bold enough to leave their names when spewing degrading, spiteful etc. It might be appropriate to read the "mission" of this group again. I thought I read something about being ethical and civil. I guess that only applies when one agrees with you. It's pitiful. I am not only fed up with the garbage of this group ... I regret that I moved into such a materialistic and egocentric area. I certainly did not sign up for such elitist neighbors! This group is nothing more than a bunch of bullies with nothing better to do than intimidate other residents. It truly makes me sick. Mendy - thank you for standing up and speaking for the "little guy". It doesn't matter where I stand on this issue ... these people who claim to be so well-educated need an education from the real world... (What does REAL work feel like? When was the last time you mowed your own lawn or scrubbed your own toilet? Or, does your "education" mean you are above that?). I am beginning to think they got said "education" with 2 Fruit Loops proofs of purchase.

(and by the way, I'm remaining nameless to save myself from such "nutjobs" as this group. Wasn't that your excuse?)

Anonymous said...

If my family decides to lease our property (as MANY others have), that is our perogative. Not anyone else's. Frankly, it's none of your damn business. Last time I checked, my name is on the mortgage. Until you start making payments on the leased properties, all of you can take your tacky flag-flogged yard signs and elitist rantings to the dump where they belong. I'm sick and tired of the few who believe they know what's best for the rest of us trying to shove your beliefs down our throats. Find a real cause (poverty, hunger, abuse, etc.)and leave the rest of us alone. "Don't sell your neighbor for $500?"...PUULLLEEEZZZ!

Anonymous said...

So the gas companies and people who allign with them are now the "little guys", now that is SPIN! As far as "materialistic and egocentric...for such elitist neighbors." We are not the ones trying to get money, so we are not materialistic, there is NO WAY we have as much ego as the gas companies, and as far as elitist, we are not the ones with high priced lawyers, and certain Texas congressmen in their back pockets (or maybe I should say pocket books). So who is the "elite" here, it certainly is not the people in this group. If you don't like living here or the people who are here, please move and do us all a favor. I've had plenty of "civil" conversations with people on the other side, if you can't have one, that's your character flaw. Not everyone, in fact most, on the other side don't.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should read the original post again. It asks that no one "sell [out] their neighbor / friends for $500"?...

It's my right to do whatever I want with my property. Yes, this group IS elitist and materialistic. Living close to the previous Cherokeen Horn (not "Thorn" as posted ... again, not exactly civil OR accurate as you claim to be in your mission statement), I have seen first hand the types of demonstrators you are. In fact, some of them DO live in my neighborhood.

I didn't see Fords or Chevrolets in the parking lot. I saw Lexus, BMW, Mercedes. I didn't see Target or Old Navy. I saw designer duds and flashy jewelry. On the posted video of one such protest, one of your staunch supporters (Mr. Jellison) made a statement "imminent domain, people!" as if he were the moral authority and O&G expert ... as though no one but him and his wife (who ran for Town Council almost SOLELY on their position on this matter) were able to establish an educated position on the subject. Yes, by definition, that is an elitist and materialistic representation.

Regarding your suggestion that I move and "do [you] a favor", I would like to point out that I have an equal right to live here, make choices about my property, disagree with whomever I choose, and pursue the American dream just like everyone else. I own my home and I'm not just some peon that you can push around because I don't agree with you.

I don't do "favors" for the sake of your self-riteousness so you'll have to pick on someone else. Character flaws? Interesting that you use that term when confronted with the realities of the perceptions you and this group are creating. Perception IS reality, friend.

Anonymous said...

Let me join, everyone who drives a nice car is elitist, is that really your position? If you have a problem with a particular person, maybe you should talk to them. As far as Ms. Jellison in particular, if I recall correctly, half of the people in this town, that voted, agreed with that so called singular position. Look, at some point, the courts will figure this all out and we all will have to go back to living together, however it ends up. A lot of people, not all, but most are toning it down.

Anonymous said...

Per Flower Mound Messenger:

Clarifying the group’s purpose, Belcher said: “I want to make it very clear that ... our organization is continually mislabeled as anti-drilling, that is simlpy not the case and I want to squash that claim right now.”

She explained to the audience that the group has no objections to rural drilling where land holders welcome it on their large properties.

“What we are firmly against is urban drilling in those areas that are highly residential and where drilling will have negative impacts to our safety, our health and our overall quality of life.”

Place 2 incumbent Al Filidoro agrees. “This is not a gas issue. This is not a drilling issue. This is a quality of life issue,” he said at the forum. “I am personally opposed to having a gas well in my backyard or your backyard. At the same time, I respect your right to not sell your mineral rights if you chose not to because mineral rights are an ownership issue and I would never propose to block somebody from selling something that’s theirs within the limits of law.”

Virginia Jellison, Place 4 candidate, thinks urban drilling belongs in industrial areas. “It has no place near our homes or near our schools or near our churches,” she said. “We need to zone it. Southlake did it.” She also thinks the town should consult its ordinances, zoning, master plan and SMARTGrowth regarding urban drilling.

Sooo... let me get this straigh. Since Southlake did it, that's good enough for all of us here in Flower Mound. Since Jellison opposes it in her backyard, by the schools, near the churches, then one is to conclude that this position is the only "right" one?

It's exactly as Filadoro said. It's about respect. Regardless of my position, Belcher and Jellison are not the authority of what I can or should do with my property.

On a sidenote, I would like to clarify that I do drive a luxury vehicle and I certainly don't consider myself an elitist. In fact, you will find me most weekends volunteering for worthwhile causes for those less fortunate.

However, I am not speaking out of both sides of my mouth by putting the responsibility of keeping my house warm and my car on the road by telling someone with rural property to "let 'em drill there"!

That is an elitist point of view. That's what I oppose. That's exactly what I find so offensive about this group and its tactics.

Anonymous said...

This IS Mr. Jellison. Wow, someone told me I needed to look at this for my own eyes. I'll just say a few things and then be done. We do respect other peoples opinions. It has nothing to do with being right or wrong. We raised awareness, raised some issues, and the good people of this town are all intelligent enough to formulate their own opinions and make their own decisions. We have said to anyone who wants to sign that we strongly believe it is their right to do so and that if they do, we will think no differently of them. If enough individuals excercise their right to sign, so be it. The majority should win, even if the opinion I hold ends up not being part of that majority. Believe me, we can live with that.

You stated that no one has the right to tell you what to do with your property and you also raised the issue of "imminent domain". So, I'm sure then, that you would agree that the government should not allow a private entity to take your land, correct? Because of course, that would make the company elite, would it not?

Look, you seem to hold a particular rancor for members of this group and some specific individuals. I'm sure you are a perfectly reasonable person who holds a strong viewpoint, many of which are perfectly sound arguments and justifiable, but at some point, everyone will just need to take a step back.

As far as volunteer work, I congratulate you, the community can never have enough selfless individuals. However, for you to make statements about what you know little about, particularly what we have done for individuals in our lives is something you should refrain from commenting on with all due respect. We do not choose to parade these things around, they are done for the glory of God, and not us. I only mention it because I strongly believe this has been grossly misrepresented by a very few individuals.

In some other news, we received a chance encounter from a Cherokee Horn representative, I won't mention the name our of respect of privacy. Contrary to what many may have thought, I did not throw him off of my property. We actually had a perfectly civil conversation. Talked for over an hour in fact. I offered dinner and a drink when it is all over, regardless of the outcome.

We have not had the benefit of hiding behind anonymity, that's ok, that was our choice. If you are going to make accusations, you should have the courage to do so to our faces. As I'm sure I'm not telling anyone anything they don't already know, things change when you are looking someone in the eye.

Take care all (Yes, you too Cherokee Horn) ;)

Sorry for the "anon" post, if anyone wants to verify, just ask.

Anonymous said...

After reading the posts, I feel that I must make out several points. In the anonymous post prior to Mr. Jellison's response, I did not read any accusation regarding the motives behind his or his family's charity work. I don't believe either party contended that he/she volunteered time and energy for any other purpose than to help others. Therefore, it is not necessarily appropriate for Mr. Jellison to imply that he or his family are being criticized.
"However, for you to make statements about what you know little about, particularly what we have done for individuals in our lives is something you should refrain from commenting on with all due respect. We do not choose to parade these things around, they are done for the glory of God, and not us."

I applaud all parties that choose to give freely to others who do not enjoy the lifestyles we, as Flower Mound citizens, are blessed to enjoy. I hope that in these difficult times, those efforts continue.

No matter what the outcome of this controversial topic might be, I sincerely hope that we are able to avoid becoming a litigious and separated community. It's simply not worth it.

Anonymous said...

We are very lucky here in Flower Mound. We have a great Oil & Gas Ordinance in place. Far superior to other cities. I believe for those of us that have signed leases and feel comfortable that it will protect the citizens and the town should check out HB2110. I just read over this bill and am very concerned that this bill willcause our town to not inforce the ordinance because of the fear of being sued everytime they try to protect us.
Below is a message I received the HOA colition

A message from the Texas Municipal League
H.B. 2110 (Hughes) – Regulatory Takings: would make a city regulation that takes, damages, destroys, impairs, or prohibits development of a mineral interest subject to the Private Real Property Rights Preservation Act, which would: (1) waive sovereign immunity to suit and liability for a regulatory taking; (2) authorize a private real property owner to bring suit to determine whether the governmental action of a city results in a taking; (3) require a city to prepare a “takings impact assessment” prior to imposing certain regulations; and (4) require a city to post 30‐days notice of the adoption of most regulations prior to adoption.
The Texas Municipal League submitted written testimony, but no other witnesses testified against the bill. One witness testified in favor, and indicated that North Texas cities’ gas well drilling ordinances are the reason for the bill. Flower Mound was mentioned by name.

The author (Brian Hughes – R, Mineola) explained the bill as simply adding mineral rights to the Private Real Property Rights Preservation Act (Chapter 2007, Government Code). Of course, that is not all the bill does, it adds mineral rights AND MAKES CITY ORDINANCES AFFECTING THOSE SUBJECT TO THE ACT. The author stated that, “We’re not trying to make this where you can put an oil well in your backyard.” But that is exactly what the bill would allow, unless a city pays compensation to every property owner for any alleged reduction in value due to the city’s ordinance.

We are asking that you assist us with mobilizing your city’s officials on this issue. They should: (1) contact members of the committee by telephone and in writing by fax; (2) contact their House representatives (Ken Paxton – McKinney – and Rob Orr – Burleson – are on the committee and from the North Texas area) by telephone and in writing by fax; and (3) contact local citizen groups that asked for the city ordinances and have them do the same thing.