Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update from Town Council Meeting April 20

The Flower Mound Town Council discussed HB 2110, 4654, and 4441 last night.
Council Member Al Filidoro talked about how these bills would affect our community by removing its ability to self-govern.
The Council is currently having a letter drafted in opposition of the 3 bills and will discuss and approve that letter at the next meeting on May 4th. They have also hired a Legislative Counselor named Fred Hill.

During public participation the following people spoke in opposition of the bills:
Place 1 Town Council candidate Steve Lyda, Place 5 Town Council candidate Tom Hayden, and former Town Councilwoman Laurie Long.

This is proof that your emails and calls to the Town Council are working. Keep up the pressure on our local and most importantly our STATE GOVERNMENT! Tell them we don't want the drilling and development industry to take control of local governments.

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