Tuesday, May 12, 2009

STOP HB 2110

HB 2110 is on the move again. It is extremely important that you contact our House Rep Tan Parker and as many other representatives you can. This could be financially devastating for all towns. This bill gives the authority to Oil & Gas Co. and Developers to sue the town for enforcing their ordinances if the decision isn't in their favor. It would be like "holding a gun to the head" of all local governments saying "let us do what we want, how we want, and where we want or we will sue."

This has to do with the Private Real Property Rights Preservation Act. Currently local municipalities are generally exempt from this Act. The passing of this bill would tie up our state courts with litigation about municipal regulation that delays or prevents a landowner from accessing their minerals on their property.

This is not a problem in rural areas but in areas like Flower Mound where there is high density housing it becomes a huge problem. Then the quality of life of many others is compromised.
As mentioned before, this bill came about because of the River Walk well site that was denied many variances, not just one or two.

Our town should have the right to protect its citizens and maintain control of where gas and oil development is allowed. Please send e-mails or faxes ASAP. Go to the link below. There you can click on each representative and e-mail your letter or get their fax number and fax. I have been told faxes are more effective.


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