Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Government Warning on Substandard Pipes!

I came across this article on another blog. This is very frightening. Anyone who has a gas well, compressor station, or any pipeline near their home should be concerned.

Even the Gas Industry is nervous
A recent government warning of substandard materials used in several recently built gas pipelines has raised enough concern among pipeline operators to prompt a meet in Houston Wednesday to discuss the possible implications.

For all of our sake, lets hope they listen to this warning
The advisory, put out by the Department of Transportation's Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration in late May, casts a wide net and urges all operators to test pipes for specified deficiencies after PHMSA identified problems with two unnamed Interstate pipelines.

Oh here is my favorite
In response, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America is holding a Pipeline Quality Summit to bring together a specific group of pipeline manufacturers and operators to "get the facts" Terry Boss, INGAA"As senior vice president of environment, safety and operations, told Platts.

Closed meeting? Not even the PHMSA is invited. I hope it isn't so they can figure out how to blow smoke up the our you know what.
The meeting will be closed and attendance is by invitation only. "We do not want to inhibit conversations," Boss said. PHMSA will not be at the meeting, but Boss said he plans to "give them full and complete disclosure afterwards"


Anonymous said...

You're never happy are you? If they didn't hold a meeting then you'd be just as upset. Lord girl, here they are pro-acting and your concerned. What's in the pipe you're smoking?

Anonymous said...

I think the concern is that they didn't include the PHMSA in the fact finding meeting and made it invitation only. The PHMSA is the one that put out the warning. One would have to assume the PHMSA has facts backing up that warning. Why wouldn't the INGAA want a rep from PHMSA in attendance to make sure the facts are being presented correctly. Just doesn't make sense and frankly is a little frightening