Monday, April 4, 2011

Take Action Against HB 3105

H.B. 3105 (Keffer) - Regulatory Takings/Oil and Gas would make a city regulation that damages, destroys, impairs, or prohibits development of a mineral interest subject to the Private Real Property Rights Preservation Act, which would:

  • (1) waive sovereign immunity to suit and liability for a regulatory taking;

  • (2) authorize a private real property owner to bring suit to determine whether the governmental action of a city results in a taking;

  • (3) require a city to prepare a "takings impact assessment" prior to imposing certain regulations; and

  • (4) require a city to post 30-days notice of the adoption of most regulations prior to adoption.
It has been set for a hearing on WEDNESDAY, March 6, at 2:00 p.m. (or on adjournment of the House) in the House Energy Resources Committee. Please contact your legislators and the members of the committee (the chair is the author) to express your opposition.

Click here for a sample letter to send to the committee.

Click here for text on HB 3105.

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Anonymous said...

I tire of legislation of Roy Morris, by Roy Morris and for Roy Morris.