Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last night the town council voted 3 to 2 allowing Mr. Hilliard a variance to put up a power pole and over 300 feet of power lines on his property. The voting went as follows for (Hayden, Stephenson, and Wise) and 2 against (Filidoro and Lyda).

The town requires all power lines be buried BY ORDINANCE. It is mostly for AESTHETIC reasons but safety and disruption of service during storms or high winds are a concern too.

All existing overhead utilities, save and except transmission facilities identified herein below, and all new utility extensions shall be placed underground in conjunction with the development or redevelopment of a property, subject to the following provisions:
(1) Each of the utility companies shall be responsible for developing administrative policies and cost reimbursement procedures for the installation and extension of their underground utilities. Nothing in this section shall prohibit or restrict any utility company from recovering the difference in cost of overhead facilities and underground facilities in accordance with the provisions of such utility company's approved tariff. No utility company shall be required to begin construction of underground facilities unless and until the customer, owner, developer and/or party requesting such facilities has made arrangements satisfactory to the specific utility company for the payment of such difference between the cost of overhead utilities and underground facilities.
(2) All electrical, telephone, data transmission, and cable television support equipment (transformers, amplifiers, switching devices, etc.) necessary for underground installation shall be pedestal- and/or pad-mounted or placed underground, and the difference in cost of such facilities shall be paid to the installing utility in accordance with provisions established in subsection (a)(1).
(3) In those cases where temporary overhead service is necessary (e.g., emergency repairs, construction field offices, etc.) these installations shall not be in service for a period exceeding six months.
(4) Transmission facilities as indicated in exhibit A are not required to be placed underground upon the development or redevelopment of the properties containing such facilities.
(5) Exceptions to the standards contained in this section may be granted by the town council subsequent to a public hearing scheduled upon request of the owner or developer.

Click here to watch video from last night's meeting. Go to Item 11.

There are already enough power poles and power lines on this property (on 2499). Why do we need anymore? The only way Mr. Hilliard would have to bury power lines in the future is if his home and the land it sits on is included in a new development. So basically it could be there forever. As if the giant pad site, dust, diesel smoke, trucks etc on Hilliard field wasn't aesthetically ugly enough!

Maybe some feel this is trivial but one of the biggest complaints in the past has been about the consequences of variances. It was a very important issue with the Oil and Gas Advisory Board. The constant granting of variances, or variance abuse as we like to call it, continues to weaken all our ordinances.

A few questions:
We realize some of you don't care about appearance but what about the danger of MORE power lines being near a natural gas production site?
Isn't it variance abuse that has created most of the gas drilling mess here in Flower Mound?

Here are just few articles out of many articles about fires from power lines and issues with down power lines.
Click here.
Click here. During one of the many storms we experience there were numerous calls for down power lines.
In addition, the fire department received several calls for fire alarms and down power lines during the storm.
Click here. One more example.
A fallen power line apparently started one Oklahoma blaze

Many homes and schools are near this site. Just think about a fast moving brush fire.
We could go on but you get the picture.


Anonymous said...

Trivial my @$$, I bet most people would be pissed that Hilliard got anything from the town right now. And it didn't come from NFL, it came from the very people that many of us supported in the last race. Because they wanted independent thinking and someone who had guts.
Guts would have meant telling Hilliard to take a hike and bury his damn power lines like everyone else in this town.

Anonymous said...

OMG, what is this crap about not letting our anger or bias towards Hilliard get in the way.
How about Hilliard follows the rules and regulations like the rest of the Flower Mound residents?!!!!!!!!!
I don't even know what to say.
This guy really is above the law. We are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Well, well. Golden Boy has obviously sold out since he witnessed first-hand the success of Kendra Stephenson's brilliant campaign strategy to align with the pro-drilling group.

Get ready NFL. There will be much more entertainment to come from Tommy Boy.

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. said...

Da-da-tadah! It's Tom Hayden!!!

Hanging out of helicopters taking photos of the Sam Wilson/Scenic Site. Bringing frack water in a jar to Town Council meetings. Proclaiming that it what sits on top of the ground is Flower Mound's greatest asset. Speaking at meetings in Arlington about the inherit dangers of fracking.

What has happened to you Councilmember Hayden? We thought you supported the majority of people of Flower Mound, not an individual who has brought in fracking by our homes and schools.

Faster than a speeding bullet, you have betrayed your constituents.

Anonymous said...

I really don't have a problem with "appearance" of this pole. My issue is really about what FMCAUD is talking about...variance abuse. Plus, I have lived here for a long time and I know if the town has ever allowed this for a private citizen!!!

FMCAUD said...

We don't believe they have done this for a private citizen.

What's Good for the Goose said...

If I were Ken Hodge, I'd be seething right now.

Why does Hilliard get preferential treatment and not another citizen, who has brought valuable developments to our town?

Anonymous said...

Oh I can see it now. "Tom Hayden for Mayor" signs posted on Mr. Hilliard's land.

Anonymous said...

I agree. What has happened to Hayden? People are asking that question all over Town today after last nights vote. Sorry Tom can't play both sides of the fence you have been caught Tom. Good luck to ya!! You have made a lot of people very upset. How can not burying power lines be in the best interest of our community. People think he voted this way because he is bias towards Hilliard..Let me guess we will soon see Hayden's signs on Hilliards property..just wait and see? Just like Kendra's was on Morris's property. People better start paying attention to what is going on here. Actions speak louder than words...

Anonymous said...

So, Tom Hayden, you wanted to give money to a group of citizens who were trying to stop Titan from drilling on Hilliard's land and now you grant him a variance?

What exactly is your motivation?

Anonymous said...

I think Eric Jellison's comments about setting up a charity is brillant. I would like to see the Wallace's step up to the plate and do something nice for others. Wonder if Amy has this act of kindness in her cold black heart to do something nice for someone else? Put her money where her mouth is?

Anonymous said...

The Town has made others bury their power lines why is Mr. Hilliard and exception...that is wrong.

Anonymous said...

What is it about this man that he gets whatever he wants. This is just adding salt to wound of him getting those wells. I thought that councilmember Stephenson was one of the lawsuit people? Why is she allowing this man to get this? I am confused.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:09, she needs another huge piece of property to place her sign next time she runs!

Anonymous said...

what does Amy Wallace have to do with this? I am not a big supporter, but give credit where credit is do. They both have served this town and without her we would have wells at River Walk.

Anonymous said...

at Anon September 20, 2011 2:23 PM

Amy Wallace, along with Tom Hayden, are politicing a young girl who is fighting cancer. Please stop as it is sick, sick, sick!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:23, maybe we can thank Amy Wallace for her no vote to the variance requests by Red Oak at Riverwalk. But it was Amy herself said that she is not against urband drilling and only her husband knows why she voted no.

Possibly her no vote was politically motivated to challenge Terry Welch in the court of law. It is no secret that Jody Smith and her cronies were trying to fire Terry Welch.

Anonymous said...

What has Amy done??? Really?
She is the most annoying, negative, rude individual I know.
She called Eric Jellison "Greedy" for helping 17 homeowners in our community yet alone surrounding communities with his own dime and time on a Rule 37's. Mike Wallace contributed to Mr. Hilliard's well sites. Mike's faults and flaws are having Amy as a wife..All she does on all the sites is run people down, she belittles everyone. Someone said she has a black heart. I have to agree. Nothing good comes out of her mouth. She runs down this community and individuals. Where does she get off? I would like Amy to take a chill pill and if she can't be nice stay away. This world is already filled with angry, evil people already. I like to be around people who are kind and loving and who have a heart.

Anonymous said...

You anti-gas people are finally getting to see what a flake Tom Hayden really is.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Hilliard couldn't afford to bury his electric lines. Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Last night's "yes" vote by Hayden and Stephenson to grant Hilliard's variance request was no surprise as we all know that they have rabid political aspirations. But Mark Wise? Mark, you need to wake up and realize why ordinances are enacted in the first place.

Even Jody Smith stood her ground against LISD to bury the electrical going to the new fieldhouse at FMHS.

Anonymous said...

When you ride the fence for votes, and on issues, in the end all you do is alienate everyone and then NOBODY will back you.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9/20/11 - 3:00pm. You stated "Someone said she has a black heart. I have to agree. Nothing good comes out of her mouth. She runs down this community and individuals. Where does she get off?" and "I like to be around people who are kind and loving and who have a heart."

Really?? Truly???? You believe repeating gossip and slander makes YOU a good person with a kind and loving heart??

If you want to take the high ground and claim moral superiority then I would like to suggest you stop with the personal attacks on others.

Practice what you preach or don't preach at all. You don't have to like everyone however you can't cast stones while you claim that you are a better person...really doesn't follow the golden rule my friend.

Anonymous said...

so the attacks on Amy Wallace, who had nothing to do with this variance, are ok here? Seems to me this proves the double-standard comments from a different post.

FMCAUD said...

Can we stick to the subject Of the post please? Thanks

Anonymous said...

This vote had nothing to do with Oil and Gas and as Al said during the meeting, there have been other locations in town where this variance has been given. There is a big difference between multiple polls along a roan in the middle of a High School campus and a single pole on private property not visible from any public road. Would you have the same thoughts if one of the riding stables on the west end of town built a new barn and wanted to run electric overhead?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. How many of you even knew Hilliard had a new barn? That is what this pole is for. Can you even see the barn from any road? Where was the out rage when the Filidoro voted to allow an exception on Peters Colony where the power lines were clearly visible and next to a major street used by school kids everyday?

Save the outrage for something real.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, I did watch the council meeting last night. How many people making comments here did?
Clearly this issue had nothing to do with Gas Drilling on the Hillard property. Did I miss something? Why are we discussing this on a blog called "Flower Mound Against Urban Drilling."
Could it be a witch hunt against Hillard at HWS's expense? I'm glad to see objectivity and alternate views on our council. "5-0 in favor" is getting old.
At Least they have the objectivity to set issues a part. Hats off HWS! You did what was right, eventhough not popular.

For god sakes people all this over a power pole??? I might add, on his property and and can be seen by no one else.

Yes, I despise him and his profiting from gas drilling and profiting without care for others or our community, but has no bearing on last nights issue.

I would hope I never live in a society that makes laws, and never grants exceptions, even if its Hilliard....If I did, I would move to Russia or China.

Maybe the town should abolish the oil and gas board of appeals....May as well forget the Board of Adjustment too. After all, laws are laws.

We should should just forget the court system too.

Why do we have them...for this very reason.

Finally, Please explain what this lone utility pole has to do with Urban Drilling. I just don't see it.

Anonymous said...

The next time I get a speeding ticket in this town, I'm going to the next council meeting to demand a variance.

"nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

Anonymous said...

Those who build houses insulated with straw shouldn't throw fiery darts.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:00. The FMCAUD did mention why it could be a concern. I think it is more about the power lines than the pole. They seemed worried about the lines snapping or falling during a storm and starting a fire near the well. The thought crosses my mind everytime I drive by there and see those other poles and wires blowing in the wind.
And the issues they have about variance abuse seem valid since most of the pad sites here in Flower Mound and the 1171 and Scenic Barn are here because of variances to an ordinance.
Here is the problem, the next time someone comes to the council and is building a new home on some land they just bought out in West FM or someone who wants to put a new barn or building on their existing property, will it be okay for them to get the variance? And if the town says no, can they sue because they allowed it for another resident like Hilliard?

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. In Colorado and in Louisiana, they specifically address wildfires and gas drilling sites. How to fight them and what dangers exist.
So I would say power lines running near a gas site could be a potential problems.



FMCAUD said...

Thanks for the info. I can't get one of the links to post right but if someone is interested, I will send it to you. Just send us an email.

Anonymous said...

Well after working a hard day I thought I would read this site. I am so upset with last nights vote and very disappointed in Tom Hayden. I knew Tom Hayden was a Team player I guess I didn't know for which team? I guess Tom Hayden based on his vote last night is our Best Hope to Return to the Jodi Smith years??? Wow! Very disappointed. I thought he was for what was best for our Community?

FMCAUD said...


Anonymous said...

Why do operators post on their signs that you are not use cell phones when on a drilling site? Can somebody in field ops or engineering explain and if power lines adjacent to drilling operations pose an issue?

Anonymous said...

I would think using a cell phone next to a gas well would or could create an explosion. That is why there are warnings at gas pumps.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should change the name of this site to "flower mound citizens against anything NFL is"

Anonymous said...

Not sure I am understanding that last post? Three council members voted for the powerlines to be left alone. Wise, Hayden and Stephenson. Wise is new I guess and learning? Stephenson is clearly pro-gas all her facebook buds are Brian Webb, Dave Johnson and the Jody Smith list goes on and on...Hayden I guess he decided he is going to go pro-gas now. I don't know if Hayden is sacrificing Community for power and ego trip and forget about all of us who worked so hard for him? NFL has not been mentioned at all? Don't understand your post? I am sorry these votes and decisions our council members make on us as residents and our communities have to be held accountable for their actions. I am very disappointed in Hayden. He should of looked out for all who live in Flower Mound and not for his own ego and power trip. I am watching Hayden very closely also. I don't like how he is quoting Brain Webb all the time?
If you aren't talking to Jody's group then quit quoting them.

Anonymous said...

I like Hayden and don't like all the things I am reading here. These comments were better when everyone was bashing the heartless golden girl of the pro drillers.

Anonymous said...

All this talk caused me to dig a little deeper. If the new power lines were to get blown over and start a fire. It would burn the new barn, burn down Hillards house and have a a hundred yards to go until it hit the GAS well. That's assuming:
#1 all the current power lines would survive, especially those that are closer.
#2 Coserv will send out their beginner crew to install the pole and line.

If this is an issue, we all in big trouble...I see overhead lines everywhere I go!

This really looks like a political stance!!!!

Making a non-issue out of nothing but hate for an individual (Understandably)...to gain political awareness. Who is up for election next??? Has anyone indicated they will run?

If you sit back, and look objectively....This Blog and members are being used solely for this purpose. That is clear when campaign managers from Allen, TX are making comments already on facebook about this issue. I feel for Mr Hayden and Mr Wise, they must feel betrayed. Sucked into this electfest over a utility pole hidden from view. If ever there was an exception to the ordinance, this was it. Ms. Stevenson, you may not have been betrayed, but glad you are looking at things objectively.

Thank you Mr Hayden for talking my call and getting your reasoning behind your decision. I have calls into Mr Wise and Ms Stevenson for their thoughts. I'm assuming its similar, but want to make sure. I encourage you all to get both sides of the story, unless of course you are on one side of the election. I'm doing my due diligence, are you?

All of our council members phone numbers are on the web, call them and find out for yourself.

Please don't take my word for any of this...

Go review the council meeting on FMTV or the Web, look at where this "deadly" Power line is being installed. If you take someone else's word for it...shame on you, you are part of the problem! Watch it, and see what a non issue this really is. Remember keep an open mind,

I'm saddened to see the next election is starting in September...we hardly got a break.

It seems like there will be a couple months where anything gets done outside the political umbrella. Not what we deserve for our town, and certainly not what elected officials are put in place for.

I'm certain the words variance abuse has come from a politician.
No one else would have dreamed that up...think about your comment objectively...not with your hate for Hilliard. Pretend your a judge.

Cell Phones now....Perhaps someone HAS looked at the tapes...now bring that up...Class can we say debunked.

Next metal structures acting like lighting rods, How about meth infected citizens that want to blow up something. How about terrorists threats...hey people say they are looking at Nuke Plants...why not gas wells....

The list will continue as the real issue surfaces.

I'm done reading this trash and propaganda, when you get back to the real issues for which this Blog is for, then its worth my time. It has done much work informing the community, but this issue is because of hate for a gas driller.

Go ahead and respond to me, I will never see it. I just can't believe educated people I thought were apart of this Blog, cant look at this and see what is happening...

Anonymous said...

@anon September 21, 2011 8:48 AM

Your comment: Hayden I guess he decided he is going to go pro-gas now.

Are you serious? If he would have supported the same thing elsewhere in town, say way out West...Would we be having this conversation? Say it was on the equestrian center, they built a new barn.

Would you then crucify him for hating Horses? That Poop really stinks, when a wind blows, it come right into town.

Because it happens to fall on a individuals property, he is Pro Gas.

Did he tell you that or are you making it up? Did you talk to him on his feelings?....Is your Name Steve, Melissa or Al?

Good Lord, the things people come up with because they hate Hilliard. I commend you Mr Hayden, the more attacks I see from the NFL propaganda machine, the more I HATE them.

Maybe I should start a Hate Blog!

No, I wont stoop to that level...

Anonymous said...

at Anon 10:56 AM

I think most of us that support this message of this blog don't like what we are reading regarding Tom Hayden. We expected this type of "playing politics" vote from Stephenson. We understand that Wise's vote had nothing to do with playing politics. But Hayden? Disappointing indeed.

The fact of the matter is, he is trying to separate himself as far as possible from NFL, because he wants to run for mayor. He has been telling people all over town, so it is no secret.

It is much easier to leave a friendly alliance when you make up your mind that you want something for yourself and yourself only.

Anonymous said...

I think that most people who are on this blog were not happy with the decision to grant another variance. I get it. I don't know if I agree, but hopefully a whole bunch other people won't want the same thing.
As far as the fires. Yes there are lots of wires around there maybe they are worried it is just adding fuel to the fire (pun intended).
I just have to say most of the time, this blog does give good info so I am willing to give them a pass this time.

Anonymous said...

ar commentor 11:19 a.m.

Thank you for informing that there is no threat of cell phone use on a drilling site. Wonder why they still post that on their warning signs?

Benzene must have been debunked too, because they used to post on their signs "Warning Benzene. Known Carcinogen."

Whew! We can all feel better now.

Anonymous said...

“Abuse” is in the title, but the only abuse is the wording of the title. Sec 90-423(5) clearly establishes the exception language for underground utilities and during the council meeting it was confirmed this was the first exception to Sec 90-423 from a resident on their property. The town attorney verified the exception application should be judged on its own merits and that precedent setting is not applicable. Filidoro stated that he voted on previous applications, but those applications were non-residential and each had significantly more impact on the community. Lyda just pouted and was angry. Hayden and Stephenson participated the conversation and Wise listened and cast a reasonable vote given the information in front of him. The only reason this is creating an uproar is because the applicant is Mr. Hilliard and because of the drilling on his property. If this exact application came from a horse ranch in town there would have been no attention to this at all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:18 p.m.

You already have.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:36 PM

Hayden should try to separate himself from petty political games and focus on what is fair and balanced. This is the first I have heard about Tom running for mayor and I would like to see him run and debate Northern. I wonder if Al will sit beside her and whisper in her ear or pass her notes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, is everyone through yet? Even the blog owners have moved on and posted a new post. Trust me the failure of cement casings is way more important and should be addressed. Next.....

FMCAUD said...

We are closing the comments on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was asked today if I seen these comment, so here I am at 11:30 at night. Quite a variety. My entire world philosophy has been recalibrated by a utility pool. If you want to dig deeper into my rational for trying to be fair minded, and why I tried to block out any bias, you can reach me at 214-384-1105. I've had the chance to explain my rational several times, what’s a couple dozen more. Lastly, would a single utility pole cause such a stir if the applicant wasn’t Ron Hilliard? Look forward to talking to you. Tom Hayden