Friday, October 7, 2011

Could LISD Allow Hilliard And Other Sites Near Schools To Become Another Scenic Rd.?

Just this week, news surfaced about Titan Operating filing a request for a Rule 37 exception to come within 47 feet of LISD's Killough Campus (located near McGee and 407 in Lewisville). That isn't a shock but what is alarming is Titan is still actively making offers to LISD for leasing their land. This article in the Flower Mound Leader says 1 million and an post on Whosplayin mentioned 1 1/2 million.

Did you know that your children's health and safety may be sold for 1 to 1 1/2 million dollars? 

We don't know about anyone else but we can't think of an amount that would be worth it. It would be thoughtless and careless to allow more gas drilling near our schools. It has been highly publicized that LISD has been approached over and over again to sign gas leases. In fact, LISD signed gas leases in 2007 but luckliy those leases expired. Are some of our elected School Board Members considering signing again?

We already know that not signing a lease is the best protection from gas drilling occurring near our schools and homes. Now with the supersized padsites, the less signed leases can mean less wells. It has been proven over and over again. This has been debated before. 

In some cases drilling may be already going on but with more leased acreage comes more wells, more tanks, more compressors. With all this equipment comes more emissions and traffic.  

It becomes a big pot of toxic soup. If you don't believe us just drive out to Scenic Dr. and 1171 in West Flower Mound. 

Frankly, the fact that people are worried about LISD "leaving money on the table" or "getting screwed out of royalties", is sickening and insulting by putting greed before our children. The oil and gas industry really doesn't care about our children. If they really wanted to help out Texas schools, they wouldn't be requesting 185 million dollars in "tax refunds" that will require almost half of the refund money come from Texas school funds.

If LISD does NOT sign a lease for the property adjacent to the south of Hilliard Field, NO additional drilling can occur to the South or South East. We believe that would eliminate 5-6 wells based on a 20-24 well estimate given to the Flower Mound Oil and Gas Board of Appeals in May 2010. We also know that many residents to the East, North East and South West have not signed leases. That will eliminate even more wells or at least force Titan to apply for many more Rule 37 exceptions. 

Do you want this near your child's school?

LISD must continue to protest the Rule 37 like the town of Flower Mound did in the Rule 37 request by Williams. Williams ended up withdrawing their Rule 37 request. 

This is a ploy to get LISD to sign leases. LISD needs to stand up to the gas companies! 

Speak up now before it is too late. 

Go to the LISD website and find out the dates and times for the School Board Meetings

Contact the School Board Members and let them know how you feel.

If you are interested in getting the word out to your friends and neighbors by an organized effort, please contact us at


Anonymous said...

That works out to be about $30.00 per student. I would gladly write LISD a check for $30.00 NOT TO SIGN!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Anon 9:48...

Anonymous said...

How about we pay you double what you would get from leasing to NOT sign and lower our property values?

Anonymous said...

The financial cost of one child getting leukemia (per U.S. govt statistics) is $500,000. In addition, there is a financial cost for asthman and other related illnesses due to poor air quality.

Anonymous said...

It is very evident that most people, at least those who care about their children, do not want to put an industrial facility adjacent to where their children go to school. The LISD school board must remember former superintendent Jerry Roy's words when Williams wanted to lease the District's minerals for $8 million. He said that it was not worth upsetting the parents over such a little amount of money. And Titan wants to lease for $1.5M? An even smaller amount of money.

The bottom line is that it doesn't matter if the oil and gas industry wanted to give the District $1B for their minerals. You cannot put a price tag on the health and safety of our children.

Anonymous said...

LISD already got paid by Llano once, and they still tried to RAISE MY TAXES after that. So are they going to ask again to raise our taxes after they get this money?

FMCAUD said...

People have been asking for upcoming LISD meeting dates.
October 17
November 4 December 12

Anonymous said...

Not only will the Hilliard Site grow to a huge industrial site, anyone even think about the site near Liberty Elem?
Haven't those families had enough crap float through their neighborhood. Now with more land leased, it could mean more wells and equipment too.
What about the pipelines that come with gas drilling? Un-odorized natural gas, undetectable until it explodes.

Anonymous said...

Liberty parents are tired of the bad emissions that come from the Bunn pad site, and now all the Bob Smith pad sites. At least they don't flare anymore, which I know in my heart triggered several breast cancer cases and one multiple myeloma case. And what about leukemia?

People around Hilliard need to rise up again to stop any future wells, so that they or their children do not have to suffer through a major compression facility.

Good luck to the people who live in Lewisville, too. Flower Mound is behind you all the way.

Anonymous said...

If our kids are worth $30.00, then they are worth about .01.

Anonymous said...

Until Rule 37 is eliminated, LISD should sign but get in allot of stipulations incl vapor recovery etc. rule 37 cost money to defend the district doesn't have so signing with controls built in may be the best of situations.

Eric Jellison said...

@ Anon October 9, 2011 9:44 AM

How do you know a Rule 37 costs a lot of money to defend? How you ever defended one? Actually, you don't need an attorney and you can do it for the cost of a hotel room and one day off of work.

Anonymous said...

LISD should absolutely refuse to sign -- for them to do so would allow way too much very heavy industrial activity right up next to the children that all of us property owners pay them to educate and along with it comes an inherent responsibility of safeguarding them physically.

All of us property owners have paid for them to build all of the buildings and to lease would be to hold the O&G companies harmless for damages to them and we all now know what huge explosions they are setting off and how it causes shaking of homes at least within 1,500 ft.

Since all property owners have a huge financial stake in this then it should take a vote before it could even be considered by the board to do so.

How a few people on the Board could even consider such an audacious action is really beyond me and I don't think any arguments about the actions of other ISD's is even relevant, either.

Wouldn't any and all of us property owners have more than enough grounds to sue if they do?

Anonymous said...

We have a collective power, let's use it in a legal, non-violent, ethical manner.

What would happen if those opposed pulled their children out of LISD, refused to pay the school tax and sent their kids to private schools that have not and commit to not sign leases?

Do you think the threat of tax liens are just too great?

Any other suggestions out there?

Anonymous said...

at Anon October 9, 2011 9:44 AM

If anybody knows about protesting Rule 37, it's Eric Jellison. And why compromise our children?

The District needs to defend the safety of our kiddos wherever an operator may try to put a fracking operation by our public schools.

Anonymous said...

At least we know why LISD is so screwed up, they spend way too much time debating things like gas wells and not enough time fixing the budget (i.e. cutting) and educating.

Anonymous said...

Additional wells on this centralized location will impact Town of FM directly or indirectly. During Hillard pad approval NFL dissapointed voters with a passive role. Hope this time they aggresively go out and help LISD officially/ unofficially. FM Attorney and a lot of other folks in NFL's reach can support LISD board.

Anonymous said...

At Anon October 12, 2011 9:02 AM

Regarding your statement that "LISD spends way too much time deliberating things like gas wells"--are you serious? They spent maybe 30 minutes when Jerry Roy was superintendent of the District discussing, not deliberating, the possibility of the District signing any new leases. The conclusion was to try to find an independent and unbiased consultant, which they are proactively working toward.

How many LISD School Board meetings do you attend? It sounds as though it is you who needs to be educated.

Anonymous said...

At Anon October 12, 2011 10:13 PM

NFL passive? Since you failed to mention Tom Hayden, who worked side by side with NFL to research gas drilling and the best available technologies to ensure that the Town Council would put together the strongest oil and gas ordinance enacted in the state of Texas, if not the US, I would advise that you call Councilman Hayden and ask how passive NFL really was to ensure our safety.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 9:02, we all know LISD may be discussing this at length but maybe not in public. I wish they would. Even 30 minutes isn't long enough. This is the health and safety of our children at risk for, as one poster put it, "about $30.00" per student.
How many of the Board members live near, 2000 feet or less, from a current gas site or potential gas site? How many board members children go to schools 2000 feet or less from a current or potential gas site?
I would really like to know.
We live within 2000 feet of Hilliard and I have a child at Shadow Ridge so this is important to me.

Anonymous said...

@October 13, 2011 2:44 PM

" The conclusion was to try to find an independent and unbiased consultant, which they are proactively working toward."

In a later article, in The Leader one school board member stated they couldn't find anyone who was not biased and so the board was not going to do anything, that was, until now. I'm plenty educated on the topic and paying attention to ALL of the flip-flops, thanks.