Friday, February 22, 2013

HB 1496 Must Be Stopped!

This bill was filed by Representative Van Taylor out the Plano area of Collin County. On the Texas Railroad Commission Site, there is no drilling activity at all in his area! So why would he file a bill like this? A good question to ask him.

HB 1496 is a bill that will weaken the power of municipalities and even counties to regulate and zone any and all oil and gas operations in their jurisdiction. Don't be fooled by the language stating "property rights". We all have property rights (and some have had theirs already taken away for oil and gas) but all property owners and industries wanting to do business within the limits of a town or city must abide by some type of zoning ordinances. Without these zoning ordinances there would be rock quarries, cement plants, pig farms, dumps, adult book stores etc. on every corner. So why should oil and gas get to override these ordinances?  And if oil and gas is allowed to be exempt from ordinances, do you think the other industries above won't lobby for the same right?

Folks, this bill will open Pandora's box.

Please write your legislators

Listed below is contact information:

For Flower Mound area:

Representative Tan Parker

Senator Jane Nelson


Representative Van Taylor

Energy Resource Committee Members:

Rep. Jim Keffer
Rep. Myra Crownover
Rep. Lon Burnam
Rep. Terry Canales
Rep. Tom Craddick
Rep. Tony Dale
Rep. Phil King
Rep. J.M. Lozano
Rep. Chris Paddie
Rep. Ralph Sheffield
Rep. Gene Wu


Here We Go Again said...

This guy will never give up since he feels ripped off that he didn't get to drill at Riverwalk. Vengeance is a horrible deed indeed and this must keep him busier than his law practice. Wonder if Kendra will have her campaign signs on his property again too?

FMCAUD said...

At this time we do not know if Roy Morris is connected with this bill. In 2009 and 2011, Mr. Morris did testify in favor of a similar bill.
We will just have to wait and see.

MYtoeSPACEpillow said... this is a video I made to send to Rep Taylor

Tyler @ Used Rigs said...

This is another example of big energy companies using our government as puppets.