Monday, April 14, 2014

FloMo Waits for Results From New State Cancer Cluster Study

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is conducting another cancer cluster study after the recent UT Study by Rachael Rawlins was release a couple of weeks ago. Rawlins', a UT lecturer and professor, study was published in the Virginia Environmental Law Journal. The study questioned federal and state guidelines related to natural gas drilling and its possible health effects.                    

Rawlins' study also questioned results of a 2010 cancer cluster investigation conducted by the DSHS back in 2010. Parents of children diagnosed with leukemia were concerned that their child was not included in the original study which would make the numbers greater than what the state had used for their research. Also, as noted in many previous posts, the DSHS stated the elevated breast cancer result could be due to overall population increases in Flower Mound and the likelihood that women in this area are more frequently screened for breast cancer.

The original study results left many of us questioning who the DSHS is really there to protect.

Click here to read the recent article in the Flower Mound Leader.


Sampson Greenovich said...

I think that urban drilling should be illegal. This should be the case unless the person gives consent and allows a well to be built on their property. This kind of thing could be a huge tax write off.

Nancy Jorden said...

There have been a lot of drilling happening around my area. I hope that they are able to fix what has been wrong. I want my area to be in good condition.

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