Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Cool Competition"

Besides dealing with a 70% price drop in natural gas prices over the past six months, developers in the Barnett Shale have another headache on their hands--liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports.

Peter Gorman over at the "Ft. Worth Weekly" has a terrific article this week about the price competition from imported LNG, which is being shipped to the new Sabine Pass LNG terminal.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they will sue the world for participating in a global marketplace. Suck foreign energy reserves dry at cheaper prices AND keep them out of local communities, now that sounds like a WIN-WIN if I've ever heard one.

Anonymous said...

From the upcoming agenda: Item 13 on the consent agenda for April 6th. "Consider approval of a Road Maintenance Agreement for the gas well the amount of $49,507.00 for the Bob Smith gas well....for Williams Production-Gulf provide funds in advance should gas well operations on the property create a need for road repair...." My question is this, who is providing the funds in advance, does anyone know?

Another Concerned Citizen said...