Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't Want Drilling in Flower Mound? DON'T SIGN A LEASE !

As you know, the Town of Flower Mound recently approved Titan's application to drill two gas wells on the Hilliard property. There are only a handful of leaseholders for those two well units and they are ALL located in the immediate vicinity of Hilliard. THERE ARE NONE THAT ARE WEST OF 2499.

With that said, there are very aggressive efforts underway by Cherokee Horn to convince residents of Woodlake Estates, Lakeview Estates, and Northshore that drilling is a foregone conclusion and that residents that do not sign are foolish for throwing away the "$2,500 per acre" (translation just a bit over $500 for the average homeowner) signing bonus. Add in the less than a $1/day in royalties and you've got....PENNIES PER DAY!

Don't fall for their pushy sales pitch. For drilling to occur (other than the two wells at Hilliard, since Ronnie Hilliard unilaterally made his leasing decision which will impact thousands of residents, church goers, commuters, and school children that did nothing other than pick "75022" as their zip code), many more residents will need to sign leases.

You have the right to refuse to sign a lease. Remember that if you do not sign a lease, the driller is required, by law, to stay at least 330 feet away from your property. Also, they cannot go under it. (You theoretically own your property all the way to the center of the earth!) Your refusal to lease your property, combined with the hundreds of other residents that have not signed, (despite what Cherokee Horn may say), will limit the overall number of wells, the length of time Town residents are exposed to dangers that come during the drilling process, as well as the amount of rigs and supporting equipment that will soon be what welcomes people to Flower Mound.

Please don't sell your neighbors out for PENNIES PER DAY!


Anonymous said...

Happy now Ronnie?

Your "RIGHT" is just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

If a landman shows up at your door, tell them to wait a minute so you can get your video recorder. Tell them you have to video tape the converstaion. That would be fun. I know I will do that! Don't sign anything, but it will be interesting to compare videos to see all the various tactics they use.

Dale said...

Oaks of Lake Forest neighborhood is also in that push.

Dale said...

Very good link from txsharon's blog:

"The New York State Senate voted 48 to 9 Tuesday night to issue a temporary moratorium on a type of natural gas exploration that combines hydraulic fracturing with horizontal drilling and the injection of millions of gallons of chemically treated water underground. The aim of the measure is to ensure an adequate review of safety and environmental concerns."

Now isn't that refreshing?!