Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Titan seismic testing contractor, it is a violation to seismic test on town right of way!!

Many residents living in the Hilliard area may have noticed some interesting contraptions sitting the side of the streets in their neighborhoods. They look like weed whackers with lots of cords, wires and a box.

This is a seismic testing device. The problem is they are sitting on the town's "Right of Way" and are in violation of the Town Ordinance.

Titan and the contractor they have hired to do the seismic testing should be cited and fined for this violation. Seismic testing was such a hot issue a year ago in Flower Mound and was all over the news. I guess we have to assume Titan and their contractor either lived under a rock when the town voted not to allow seismic testing on right of ways or did not read the rules and regulations for seismic testing.

In the future, if you see anything going on in your neighborhood or at the Hilliard site that appears to be a violation, please report it to the town immediately.




Anonymous said...

I am confused. If it is a violation, why didn't the town do something? It appears not to be a violation.

Tammi said...

The Titan subcontractor did screw up and put the devices in right of ways. The town made them move them.
I have asked the town to cite them.
They did contact the town and were aware of the rules but apparently there was a lack of communication between the sub contractor and Titan.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you clearing this up Tammi. Thanks for your hard work!

Anonymous said...

It is a violation. The Town was giving them 24 hours to comply. I am thinking about using the same defense when a FM police officer pulls me over for speeding. "Hey officer, could you give me 24 hours to comply with that speeding law?" I bet THAT would go over great. The town recently made a statement related to the Titan application that they "cannot selectively choose which laws to enforce", I couldn't agree more, so please enforce them. Gas drillers are not exempt from the law, or are they?

Anonymous said...

Next time they do this, go out and cut the cables and throw the units in the trash. Since they are breaking the law and if they contact the police to come out an investigate these units, they should be automatically cited. similar to "hi officer, I was selling drugs on this corner and I got robbed, can I file a police report". LOL

Anonymous said...

next time they do this, cut the cables and throw away the units. They can't call the police or they will/should be cited for illegal activity.

Anonymous said...

If speed limits are town jurisdiction (as opposed to state), then you could easily cite the 14th Amendment (equal protection). The pro-drillers are known for their affinity for the Constitution of the United States (even though it has zero bearing on the exercising of mineral rights).

Anonymous said...

You people are freaking stupid!