Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ATTENTION!!! Urgent message about SB 875 and your PROPERTY RIGHTS

Only 148 people have taken this action so far. Please put this action on your blogs and your Facebook pages. Please forward to every Texan you know.

We need 10,000 people to take this action!

This bill will effect the entire state of Texas! You need to understand that this bill means you will have NO RECOURSE against trespass onto your property of pollution--air, water, spills and underground trespass--from natural gas drilling, coal plants, mining, cement plants or any other industry. NO RECOURSE, folks! Any industry that is operating under a permit gets a pass under this bill.

Don't let Troy Fraser and his corporate croniestrample your property rights!
Tell your TX state senator to block SB 875
State senator Troy Fraser, chair of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and renowned champion of corporate interests, recently introduced his latest bad idea, SB 875.

Click here to tell the Texas Senate Natural Resources Committee to stop SB 875
In a nutshell: SB 875 allows Texas state permit holders to trample on your property rights
A permit -- for gas drilling, or anything else -- is supposed to make the permit-holder behave responsibly.

SB 875 turns that on its head – it makes a permit a “get out of jail free” card. No matter what the gas driller (or other permit holder) does -- if they’re holding a government permit, they can’t be held accountable under Texas nuisance law. If SB 875 becomes law, that is.

Pollution from industry can trespass onto your property all day and night, pollute it, make your family sick, kill your livestock, and industry only has to say “I was just following my permit or rule.”

TAKE ACTION: Tell the members of the Texas Senate Natural Resources Committee: protect our property rights, oppose SB 875!

  • Go to the action page.
  • Go to page bottom and enter your zip code so the system can find your Senator.
  • Read the sample letter that appears and edit it if possible.
  • Customized letters have greater impact.
  • Click "Send My Message" to fax your letter to our member of the Texas Natural Resources Committee.
For more information, go to the action page.

NOTE: only Texans who are represented by members of the committee can take action


Anonymous said...

I just did it. It was easy. Troy Fraser's fax number is wrong. He wrote the bill. I hope everyone does this because it isn't just about gas drilling. Any industry that pollutes, think about the lead problem recently in Frisco. Imagine if that company had one of these permits. Those residents would not be able to make them accountable!!!
Defend your rights people.

Anonymous said...

I am certainly no friend of the drilling industry, but to say that there is no recourse if a driller has an accident while holding a permit isn't exactly true. If they have an accident that occurs when they are not in compliance with the permit, this bill doesn't protect them. Granted, that isn't much consolation.