Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Texas OGAP Bill Alert SB 875

EARTHWORKS is sending out an Alert for SB 875. Forward this alert to all your contacts, please ask them to take the action which will send a fax to their representative. Please ask them to forward to their friends using the link at Texas OGAP. Please ask them to take it one step further and contact ALL the committee members and the committee clerk. Sign up on the right had side of the blog to receive Bill alerts from TXOGAP.

Troy Fraser 512-475-3732 Fax


Craig Estes (512) 463-8874 Fax

Bob Deuell (512) 463-7202 fax

Robert Duncan Fax: (512) 463-2424

Kevin Eltife (512) 475-3751 (Fax)

Glenn Hegar (512) 475-3736 (Fax)

Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa (512) 463-0229 Fax

Mike Jackson (512) 475-3727 Fax

Robert Nichols (512) 463-1526 Fax

Kel Seliger (512) 475-3733 fax

Carlos Uresti (512) 463-1017 Fax

Committee Clerk: Tatum Reagan – 512-463-6769

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Anonymous said...

Please email your opposition to the Senate Committee members listed, along with Senators Jane Nelson and Chris Harris in regard to SB875, IF you do not want any "nuisance" permitted by the State or Local governing authority to move next to your home. There is a difference if you choose to move to the nuisance versus the nuisance move to you. If SB875 is approved, chances are you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation.