Friday, July 1, 2011

DFW Has A Gas Problem!! Sound off at the TCEQ DFW Smog Plan Hearing

Natural gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels...okay MAYBE (THATS A BIG MAYBE) to burn but certainly not when being extracted. The process uses millions of gallons of water that will never be returned to the water cycle. Many cases of contamination of water wells and sources are documented even though the industry continues to deny it.

The biggest issue facing North Texas is our air quality.

The industry and some of our state officials deny that the gas drilling process does not affect our air quality. The industry refuses to use vapor recover or emission control. Why? Because they don't have to. It is not mandated by state or federal government making it difficult for municipalities to demand it. On July 13th, the Fort Worth air study will be released. This could prove to be very important when it comes to enforcing vapor and emission control. Today, the Star Telegram reported that 68% of the gas well sites tested leak! Those conducting the study expected less than 25% to be leaking.
TXSharon has the article on her site. Click here to read.

Eat Up and Sound Off For Clean Air

Thursday, July 14th, the TCEQ will be holding a public meeting for the DFW Smog Plan at Arlington City Hall, 101 W. Abram. There will be two sessions. 10:30 am and 6:30 am. The most exciting will be the 6:30 pm session. Downwinders At Risk has a fun event planned. We encourage all to show up, have some fun, and speak up. Demand the gas industry be added to the DFW Air Plan.
Click here for the Downwinders At Risk details.


Gene D. said...

I hope the state and TCEQ step up and to do what is right. You are correct, we need to give the towns as many tools as possible to protect their residents.

Anonymous said...

Oh the industry and their "people" will find a way to spin this study where there is not a problem with the air. Just wait and see. It happens everytime.
They will never be held accountable until they meet St. Peter.