Thursday, November 10, 2011

LISD To Discuss and Consider Signing Gas Leases

The LISD Board of Trustees is asking for the opportunity to seek proposals for signing gas leases with Titan Operating and Williams.

The Regular meeting is this coming Monday, November 14th, and will begin at 6:00 PM in the Bolin Administrative Center, 1565 W. Main Street, Lewisville, Texas. Immediately after opening, the Board of Trustees will convene in Closed Session and will return to Open Session at 7:00 PM.

Click here for the agenda.

If you read the action item, it appears they may be leaning towards signing. Of course, indicating that there will be drilling anyway and they will most likely lose the Rule 37 exceptions currently being requested with the Texas Railroad Commission. We have heard that line before.

This does not include signing a lease for the LISD properties near the Hilliard Pad Site. Using the excuse that drilling will happen any way is not the case at Hilliard. Without the leasing of many of the properties near Hilliard, a significant amount of wells could be prevented from being drilled.

Click here for the action item.

If you live near one of these properties, NOW is the time to voice your opinions. SHOW UP and contact the Board of Trustees.

Click here for the contact info.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with some of these people in Lewisville. Why don't they speak up? Flower Mounders, one of these properties is very near the border and will impact all of you that leave near Bakersfield Park. Speak up!!!!!!!

Indoor Air Quality said...

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Anonymous said...

Indoor air quality is a huge issue with living near any industry. I read on this blog and others about residents, living near gas drilling, having high amounts of VOC's detected (by a Professional company) in their homes. Names that come to mind are the Ruggieros and the Parrs. Also some residents in Argyle. LISD is taking on a huge responsibility by signing leases.

Westchester Neighbor said...

Just read the school staff report at the link provided and it appears they are listening to the wrong people (industry) about how Rule 37 works. They seem to be spinning it that way and need some people to unspin it.

A protest to a Rule 37 Exception is a matter of showing up with a group of citizens willing to spend their own money to get to Austin and be at the hearing. That may require an overnight stay in a hotel just to avoid being late to the usually "early" hearing time. No lawyer is required. Just strong statements in opposition to the "Exception." :-)

Some will try to make it sound like a big "financial burden" for the school district...but it's truly not. It's confusing simply because at first glance it looks complicated, but it's really quite simple. We have experienced it in Grand Prairie as have others across the region...and "showing up" is the biggest part of it.

Anonymous said...

Who pays the taxes for our public schools? We the residents are stakeholders in our children's education, not the oil and gas industry.

This is a bad deal for LISD and especially our children.