Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Titan/Hilliard Field Update

We have received some phone calls and emails regarding the recent activity on Hilliard Field. Here is what we know.

Titan is in the process of installing an enclosed gas lift compressor and a dehydration unit. The compressor will be natural gas fired.

Click here for a description of different types of compression.

According to the Oil and Gas Glossary, to meet pipeline requirements, the water vapor in natural gas must be removed. This is why dehydration is needed.

We recently went to the Texas Railroad Commission mapsite to see if any production has been posted for the Titan/Hilliard site. As of today, no production has been recorded. Many articles we have read stated that gas lift can be brought in to increase production in lower producing gas wells, extra tight formations, and older gas wells. We have no idea which of these may be the case at the Hilliard site.

According to the town of Flower Mound Environmental Services Department, The gas lift compressor may be operated intermittently as needed. At this time, there is no way of knowing how long the gas lift will be necessary. The town will be monitoring the site to make sure Titan is in compliance with our noise level regulations. If you have a complaint about noise, call the town. Flower Mound's Oil and Gas Inspector will be inspecting for compliance with all applicable Town requirements every month. In between these monthly inspections, our inspector will routinely visit sites, performing “spot checks”. A special thank you to our Oil and Gas Inspector for taking the time to quickly answer all the questions submitted. If you have a concern,  or question, we encourage you to contact our Inspector at jonathan.powell@flower-mound.com.

The last issue we have received emails on is sometimes residents smell natural gas when passing by the Titan/Hilliard site. It has been confirmed that Titan has been treating the gas with Mercaptan (natural gas odor) since the end of October. We are not sure if that is what residents are smelling.

Most important, if you smell any odors or experience any health effects, call the Town AND contact TCEQ immediately. The information for TCEQ is on the right hand side of the blog.


Concerned Educator said...

This can't be a good thing for the schools nearby. I hope LISD does not allow anymore drilling at this site. They have the power to limit the amount of wells at this location by not signing any more gas leases. We have read on this blog and on other blogs....MORE WELLS MEAN MORE EQUIPMENT, TRAFFIC, EMMISIONS, AND TANKS. This does not belong anywhere near neighborhoods and schools.

What an Expert said...

"There's an interesting ratio that you might want to consider. For every one well, there's two condensate or produced water tanks. For every two wells, there's generally four with a compressor. For every four wells, there's eight with two compressors."

This is exactly why LISD, parents with children at Shadowridge and Bluebonnet, along with all the residents who live in proximately of Hilliard need to say "NO" to more drilling by Titan.

FMCAUD said...

You are right "What An Expert Said". Like a big pot of toxic stew. Thanks for posting.

Mary Strickland said...

thank you for the updates, they are very much appreciated.

Runner Susan said...

I am in shock that the town would hire Jonathan Powell. He is one of the investigators who told us that the EDB in our air was the result of 25 year old soil contamination. You can read and hear his phone message here: http://abcalliance.org/?p=1676

Anonymous said...


Oh crap. Thanks for the background info.

Anonymous said...

The Cherokee Horn guy said that there would only be on site stuff for 30 days, why is that rusty hunk of junk out there?

Anonymous said...

Could I know how many wells are permitted in Hilliard site? I know they drilled two already.

FMCAUD said...

There are currently only 2 wells applied for and permitted by the Texas Railroad Comm. for this site. Titan hasn't posted any production for either of theses wells as of February.