Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Williams Rule 37 Hearing Against Town of Flower Mound Postponed

William's attorney has requested a postponement of the December 14th Rule 37 Exception hearing against the Town of Flower Mound. Attorney John Camp claimed postponing the hearing was necessary to prepare evidence for the hearing. The Town of Flower Mound has agreed to the postponement. Both parties must agree on a new hearing date by December 21st, if they cannot agree by then, the Texas Railroad Commission Examiner will set a new hearing date for them.

The assigned legal examiner is the same one that heard both Titan cases.

Click here for the TRC document.


Anonymous said...

I guess Williams will have to wait till after the Christmas season to steal property from the Town of Flower Mound.

Anonymous said...

The industry lawyers always get their requests promptly granted by the Railroad Commission. Personally, we wouldn't go along with anything industry "prefers." Let us know the re-scheduled date. Our group would like to take a day trip to Austin to see the potential "property taking" in progress. Thanks for this update.

WCGasette said...

They do like to stretch it wear you down. Nice that Flower Mound had a discussion with the Williams' attorney and everyone is in agreement. Many citizens all across the big old Barnett Shale trying to defend their own property (with and without legal representation) don't often receive any of that kind of communication with the industry attorneys. Kumbaya moments are always nice.

Anonymous said...

Why should F.M. have to be subjected to making a choice of either selling their property (minerals) when the price is so low they will make very little $s or having them stolen.

Have we thought about taking bids?

Anonymous said...

Bids? Ha ha, that's a good one. The gas industry doesn't compete, they divide up territory and for the most part stay out of each other's hair. How else do you think they get away with only paying a fraction of what the asset is worth?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:53: So, that's how they get it done!! Partners in crime so long as they stay in their part of the territory. Isn't that how the Mafia does it, too??

Anonymous said...

@ Anon December 8, 2011 11:41 AM

Yep, that's from a 30-year industry veteran.

Anonymous said...

"Bids? Ha ha, that's a good one. The gas industry doesn't compete, they divide up territory and for the most part stay out of each other's hair."

I do believe that but wish it could be proven -- I believe those sort of agreements are illegal.

However, most municipalities have a min. # of bids they must have before they may do business with any service or goods suppliers. So how is it that a quasi judicial body like the RRC can force them to disregard their protocol and sell when the market is in the lowest it's been in a few years.

If I owned enough property and actually wanted to produce my minerals, I would call at least 3 companies and get the best contract negotiated that I could, instead of being unassertive and waiting until I got forced into it by a neighbor's driller/landman.

This Rule 37 has been abused and twisted to the point it's abusive to a property owner and counter to our free market system. In this case the property is owned by 62,000 + people -- The LISD's is owned by even more people. That's a lot of abuse.