Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sad Day For Fort Worth

I am sorry to report that on Tuesday 2/19/08, the Ft. Worth city council voted to allow a high impact gas well within 300 feet of a public park. There are two other parks still in jeapordy. Not only did they vote to allow it, but it was an 8 to 1 vote!! So, if you think we are safe because we have parks, think again.

The city of Flower Mound has an opportunity here to step up and listen to it's citizens. Current drilling practices are not ready for urban settings. PERIOD. The gas has been down there forever. City governments are caving to the self-imposed agressive timelines of the oil and gas developers. At a minimum we need to take the time to figure out what is the true impact of the drilling in a high density urban setting.

Whatever happens here in Flower Mound, we must remember that our neighbors in Fort Worth have already paid a tremendous price. A price that can never be repaid. Even if we "win", so much has already been lost.

If you want to read more facts on this story, you can read about it on the Fort Worth Can Do blog as well as the cbs11 website.

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