Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some things to consider....

If you have been contacted by Cherokee Horn and you are considering leasing or selling your mineral rights, here’s what you should expect in return for the $20-$50 per month that each homeowner will receive:

· Noise levels so high that you may not even be able to carry on a conversation inside your own home. This noise level has been compared to a jet circling your house 24 hours/day.

· Clouds of corrosive dusts which will settle on your home, your trees and bushes, in your pool, and on your cars. When it’s wet, it turns to a cement-like substance.

· Lights so bright that you can read a newspaper in your home in the middle of the night.

· Are you prepared for this 24 hours/day for years to come? (Yes, it only takes 45 to 60 days to drill a well; however, they are proposing as many as 22 horizontal strings per well head site on the Northshore site.)


· As many as 50 truckloads of heavy equipment/water rumbling down residential streets each day.

· You can expect your property value to go down – some estimates are in the 25% range.

· Your homeowner insurance premiums may go up. Your real estate taxes may also increase.

· Gas wells are exempt from the Federal Clean Air Act and the Federal Clean Water Act.

· The EPA has confirmed that this type of drilling produces radioactive waste.

· Is it really safe to place gas drilling rigs 500 feet from residential homes in tornado alley?

Flower Mound has been rated as one of the best places to live in the US. Let’s keep it that way. $50/month isn’t worth destroying our beautiful town!


Beau Brummel said...

Flower Mound residents need to know that there's a very ugly side to all the money that the developers have promised.

Of course, if you really pay attention, you'll find that the money involved is a joke. I've seen estimates of royalties in the $15/month range.

Anonymous said...

Um... okay... we got a flyer in our garden which detailed these very same "facts" word for word. But NOTHING indicating WHERE these "facts" come from or WHO sent the flyer. In my opinion, that's not credible information. WHERE do these "facts" come from? So are you saying that if someone other than Cherokee Horn were to drill, then they could do it quieter?? I find some of these "facts" hard to believe.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

Many of the items listed here can be verified by the links listed on the right side of the webpage or by talking to people that have had drilling done in their neighborhood. If you have some research which disputes these facts, great. PLEASE feel free to share. The point of all of this is to get people to really think about what is happening here and to ask questions. No, I am not saying that someone else other than Cherokee Horn would do this better or quieter. Personally I do not think that the current methods used for natural gas drilling by any company work in an URBAN setting but that is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it would help to show the alternative sites on the map as well. I know that the area across 2499 from Home Depot was mentioned.

Anonymous said...

The internet is a powerful resource which provides astonishing amounts information for a universe of topics. It’s an ideal tool to use for cross-referencing artifacts of information you may question. So far, all of these claims – or as many as we’ve had time to cross-reference – have been substantiated. My wife and I are very pleased you’ve created this website as a repository of information and a place where communication among the concerned residences can be achieved. We can only hope further comments that are posted here are artifacts of evidence instead of “hard to believe”s.

Anonymous said...

This video link in particular had me thinking. What is our Mayor doing for us with this matter?