Monday, February 18, 2008


If you click on the image above, it will expand so that you can see it a little better.

Here is an image taken from google maps showing the two proposed drilling sites (marked with an X) and the area that is within 1000 ft from the proposed site. Remember, The Flower Mound Oil & Gas ordinance requires a 1,000 foot setback from residences. This setback can be decreased to 500 feet if a) the resident agrees to a waiver or b) if the Flower Mound Oil & Gas Board of Appeals approves a variance. Also, if the homeowner signs a lease and the Oil &Gas Board approves the variance, the setback can be reduced to 300 feet!!

We are estimating the exact location of the drilling sites. Since the oil and gas developers can not or will not provide us any specifics, we have to make an educated guess based on the limited information being shared. (They also can't tell us exactly how they are getting access to the drilling site or exactly how they are going to get the gas out - but that is an entirely different post.)

Please remember that even if your house is not represented here, you are still impacted. If this drilling site is allowed to move forward, it will certainly pave the way for additional sites right next to our neighborhoods or even in our neighborhoods. We deserve more from the developers and we absolutely deserve more from Flower Mound city government. Next time you are out walking your dog or driving down your street, take a look at what is 300 ft - 1000 ft from your front door. Soon, someone may want to put a drilling site there and it could look like this...

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Anonymous said...

Cherokee horn cleared another 150 mineral owners for the Northshore site at the County courthouse today.