Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Think About It

A Flower Mound Town Council Meeting was held on 3/3/08. There was a very heartfelt talk given by a gentleman in our community that I would like to share. He started out by telling the group what attracted him and his family to Flower Mound. The decisions that Flower Mound made in terms of urban sprawl showed him that Flower Mound was the type of community that put the residents first .

In July 2006, he was diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain tumor. Thankfully, he is currently in remission. He shared this information only to point out that this is something that has been dealt to him and no one knows how he got it. Is is hereditary, is it environmental? Nobody knows. Hopefully in the next five or ten years there will be some answers. He has a five year old son. He wants to see his son grow up without allergies, asthma or cancer. Are these things caused by the toxic chemicals coming out of the ground in a natural gas well a few hundred feet from his house? Nobody knows. Hopefully in the next five or ten years there will be some answers. How will you feel if you find out in ten or 20 years your child or grandchild has cancer because of this drilling?

He mentioned that if anyone thinks they are not impacted by this because you live "out of range", think again. He reminded everyone that there were 35 mph winds blowing outside and those chemicals will blow right into your yard and this is only the beginning of potential Flower Mound drilling. It is coming your way soon.

He got a standing ovation.

There is a meeting of the Flower Mound Oil and Gas Board on March 12th at 6:30 pm. Mark your calendar because we need everyone there.

Also, if you are reading this and you still don't believe that there are toxic chemicals brought up in the process of drilling for natural gas. Click Here. Please.


Anonymous said...

I am assuming you were not at this council meeting on march 3rd. If you had been there you would know that there was not a standing ovation. Please get your facts correct. If you are going to use this forum to educate others.

Another Concerned Citizen said...

WOW. First of all, the person that helped with story was there. Second, while a standing ovation is touching, that really wasn't the most important fact of this post. Maybe it's just the one that you were comfortable questioning. Not sure that is a meaningful debate. I happened to notice there were a few people on this site around the time that the above comment was made. One person was coming from an office at "The Suites at Surrey Ranch." Doesn't prove anything but it's an interesting piece of data. Thanks for stoping by!!

Anonymous said...

You won't get many people posting comments to your blog if you're going to "call them out" on where they are coming from. Some people like to remain anonymous for their own reasons.

I was at the meeting too and there was not a standing ovation for the gentleman that spoke. Embellishing even the smallest facts make the other facts questionable.

Anonymous said...

Right, and such presumptuous statements as "drilling will occur regardless of the lease hold we [Cherokee Horn] obtain" before the RR Commission or even the town had heard a case for a permit is not misleading? Give me a break. The "standing ovation" was hardly the point. Whether or not you are a rep of the gas company, if that is your best argument for drilling
you can come up with, this is going to be the easiest debate the citizens of this town have ever engaged in.