Sunday, March 2, 2008

Welcome New Friends!!

First of all, thanks to everyone that supported our protest effort this weekend. We had lots of waves, cheers and "thumbs up" from the passing cars. I even had a chance to meet some new neighbors which is always a good thing. Several people stopped by and got information this weekend and I noticed that we have a record number of new people hitting this site.

Therefore, I will give you a quick tour. You will notice an "Index" just to the right. The previous posts have been categorized so you can hopefully find information a little easier. Also, there is a list of "Important Links" to the right. Those links will get you to a wealth of information. The site has a tremendous amount of information put together from some very nice people that have also been through this. We can learn from each other.

Once of the most important things our group wants to do is EDUCATE people about what is in store for us if the drillers get their way. We had one gentleman stop by this weekend that was under the impression that he will be getting about $2,000.00 per month with this deal for his small lot. Cherokee Horn themselves have admitted that a .25 acre lot might receive an average of $50.00 per month!! We have talked to other industry experts that put that number at about $32.00 per month. I have to believe that our quality of life is worth more.

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