Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Can You Do?

We have been contacted lately from people that have recently been contacted about their mineral rights or just found out that drilling is being proposed for their area. The biggest question is "What can we do?"

Most importantly, you have to know that you can make a difference. Don't be intimidated.

There is a LOT of information out there and it can be very overwhelming. I'm not sure what you have or haven't done so I will mention some of the things that we have learned so far.

First, become familiar with Flower Mound's Ordinance. You can find a copy here. If a driller does not meet the criteria in that ordinance, they must file an appeal for a variance. (If you live in any type of "development", they will likely need a variance.) There are 12 criteria that is looked at for the variance. Those can be found on page 73 of the ordinance. Find some criteria that may apply to your situation and prepare your case on why the site does not meet those criteria.

Also, check out the town calendar for the Town Council meetings and the meetings for the Oil and Gas Board. At each meeting, residents are given the chance to speak for three minutes. That is where you can talk about your concersn. The town calendar can be found here.

One of the first steps that drillers have to go through is filing a permit the the Texas Railroad Commission. That is not the most user-friendly site. I talk about how to find new permits here. If you email us or leave a comment with your location, I will be on the lookout for a new permit for your location.

Also, educate your neighbors. There are many links on this site to additional information. We have talked to many people that have lived through this. I haven't heard anyone say that it has been worth it.

I hope this helps. Stay tuned. We learn more every day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! We were recently contacted, and did not know where to start. This is a big help.

A worried Lakeview Estates resident said...

I so appreciate that you set up this blog- when we received our letter, our first thought was, great, some extra cash that we could use, let's find out how quick we have to sign it before we get left behind!

We know nothing about gas drilling...fortunately we found the real deal (and your site) before we signed!


Anonymous said...

There is a time limit. Cherokee Horn holds the land lease and will be closing their signing pretty soon. Then those who are in, get to benefit, and those who aren't in, won't. To me, it's an opportunity. I just figure it's a special thing that natural gas was discovered here. What a great thing for our city economy and our state...and for the environment with the skyrocketing fuel costs.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you work for the gas company. Possible disease and being incenerated by a nearby well (not to mention not being able to sleep due to the noise) is not an "opportunit." Esp. when the payment we get is about $20 per month. That won't even pay half the cable bill. Please....try again.

Anonymous said...

The paltry fees obtained by the city (permits) will barely even compare to taxes received on a few standard size homes in Flower Mound. Not to mention, these drill sites turn the land into a quickly depreciating asset. Drilling in urban areas will not solve our energy crisis, and we will be left with a scare on the community that will last for years into the future. Not to mention I doubt that $20/mo check will offset your loss in equity in your home and increased insurance rates, will the gas companies and land owners compensate you for that loss?

Anonymous said...

So would anyone be suprised that the largest taxpayer in Denton County is a gas company? And how does anyone know what your check will be 20 years from now.

Anonymous said...

We are here for the long term just living our lives in lovely Flower Mound. Suddenly like an infestation of parasites comes these drilling companies raping our land---stealing the goodness of our lives. It is all around us inescapable in any housing development here. It's all around America now because from 2005 drilling is exempted from ground water cleanliness accountability. Theft by pollution of the natural wealth---clean, clear underground water which would stave off major drought and provide drinking water if we ever needed it. We have ozone alerts each year being so close to Dallas but nothing like the choking air that will stifle our ability to breath and good smell of Texas we have in our idyllic community. You simply don't put industry in a populated area---you aren't allowed to have an auto painting shop in a residential area, you aren't even allowed to put in a tax preparers office. Too much traffic? Have we all gone crazy to even entertain an idea of this?

Anonymous said...

I love how if anyone posts supporting the drilling- they are immediately accused of working for the gas company. As if no one in Flower Mound wants drilling except the gas company. To have merit, this site needs to be unbiased and accommodating of both sides of the issue- you can't be well-informed if you only listen to your own research. That would be called ignorance! As a researcher I have no problem pulling together information for or against any topic- but it would be unwise to take one without the other.