Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If you wish to communicate to Town Council regarding the Red Oak lawsuit

I was originally told that public comments would be allowed in Thursday night's (July 17th) Town Council workshop. That is not the case since it is not a regular meeting.

However, you still have the opportunity to communicate your concerns regarding the need for the Town to aggressively defend itself against the Red Oak lawsuit. (This issue is MUCH more than simply an O&G matter.)

Please see a discussion of the reasons that it is imperative that the Town defend itself on the previous blog entry.

If you wish to express your concerns to the Town Council prior to their workshop session this Thursday, please email each of the Town Council members as well as the Mayor. Be sure to include your name and address so that the Council can be confident that these communications are coming from actual Flower Mound residents, rather than people or organizations who do not live in our Town or even our state. Also, please copy Paula Paschal, Town secretary, at paula.paschal@flower-mound.com.

And finally, would you mind copying me at stopthedrilling@gmail.com? I'll also print off copies of the emails and deliver them to Town Hall just to make sure that they get them.

Here are their email addresses:
Mayor Jody Smith: mayor@flower-mound.com
Councilmember Joel Lindsey: place1@flower-mound.com
Councilmember Al Filidoro: place2@flower-mound.com
Councilmember Tim Trotter: place3@flower-mound.com
Councilmember Jean Levenick: place4@flower-mound.com
Councilmember Jeff Tasker: place5@flower-mound.com

Please mark your calendars for 6:00pm Monday, July 21st for the next regular Town Council meeting. As always, public comments will be allowed at that time.

One last thing...If you haven't signed the petition yet, would you please considering doing so? http://www.petitiononline.com/FM75022/petition.html

Consider forwarding the link to your friends and neighbors here in Flower Mound who, like you, want to protect this great little spot we call home......


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Anonymous said...

Looks like anyone (i.e., anchors, tv starts, etc.) can be bought for the right price if they work for a company who wants to promote propaganda to win over residents to drill in their towns.

lori carden said...

Check this out. Damaged pipeline reports on the Texas RR Commission website...