Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday morning musings....

Tonight's Town Council meeting (6:00pm Town Hall) should be "spirited", as always.

I'd expect plenty of comments about the response to the Red Oak lawsuit as well as the proposed Riverwalk development.

I had someone point out a very interesting letter that Mayor Smith wrote to a Bridlewood resident, which besides Bridlewood mentioned Hillard and Northshore.

See it here: and then scroll down to the posting: "Bridlewood resident's letter to Mayor Smith".

Very nice web site, by the way.

More on Town Council tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Not related, but found this rather funny. "The City of Southlake has a council-appointed volunteer organization that holds regular meetings to discuss activities within the city that could affect neighborhoods. The group is called Southlake Program for the Involvement of Neighborhoods (SPIN)." Really, SPIN, that is the best acronym they could come up with? I hope they didn't hire a PR firm for that.

See it here: