Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Protect Flower Mound"

Please sign the Protect Flower Mound petition at:

This petition will be placed in front of every Councilmember tonight as they meet in executive session to decide what their response to the Red Oak lawsuit will be.

Whether you are for or against gas drilling in Flower Mound, please consider signing it.

Do we want our Town ordinances dictated to us and interpreted for us by outside developers? Or by our own neighbors who serve voluntarily on the Town boards?

This is important.


Anonymous said...

The town decided to defend us against the Red Oak lawsuit. This should show drilling and gas companies that the residents and the town will not be scared or threatened by lawsuits if they do not get their way to drill with variances to line their pockets

Anonymous said...

I have been silent on this issue; however, I feel that I must respond to this open petition in defense of residents with opposing views. First, let me say that I applaud the citizens that are passionately protesting the drilling. We should ALL take a moment to give thanks for this right. That said, I believe that posting the names and addresses of residents that are signing a petition to go before the Council is lacking the respect for those of us that have a differing opinion. In other words, it puts those neighbors that haven't signed it in an awkward and uncomfortable position. I have neighbors that are extremely passionate about the subject and I respect that. It just seems that this petition is a subtle way of putting neighbor against neighbor.