Sunday, August 8, 2010


FLO-MO MYTH #5 – The Town cannot enter into a “stand-still” agreement with the plaintiffs.

Case law on declaratory judgment does NOT dictate that a 3rd party, such as Titan, must be brought in.

Dedicated residents have sacrificed time, energy, and money to file a lawsuit that opens the door for the Town to enter into a stand-still agreement, until a judge can determine the merits of this case.

Why does the Town always seem to try and make it easy for the gas companies and hard for the residents? Hundreds of residents devoted long hours to the CCF petition drive and 6,000 citizens signed the petition. The same group of people worked even harder to elect the NFL. The NFL campaign ran a platform based on representing the community and NOT the drilling companies.

The Town has a choice to make and this choice will impact Town elections going forward: They can choose to stand with the residents or they can choose to stand with the gas companies. If the Town chooses not to enter into a stand-still agreement with the plaintiffs by deciding on their own that the lawsuit does not have merit, instead of letting a judge decide, they are proactively choosing to side with the drilling companies.


Anonymous said...

Dear NFL (plus Councilman Hayden),

Please do the right thing. Support the stand-still agreement.



A voter who believed you when you ran on an anti-urban gas drilling platform

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the Town of Flower Mound only wants to enter into lawsuits they know they can win.
Does anyone really know for sure that they are going to win a lawsuit? It always depends on the legal representation. How good they present their case.
What is for sure? That if and when drilling starts on Hilliard, the damage to our town and the decline in property values will be significant!

outside looking in said...

As I read through the history of on this blog. I can see that many of you, including the blog owners, at one time bought into the "lawsuit" on Hilliard. I read somewhere that most of the people involved in this blog felt duped by Mrs. Simonsen. Sometimes we let our passion get the best of us and don't see things straight. Maybe if more people start to believe the lawsuit was wrong, your community can heal.

FMCAUD said...

Outside Looking In, I believe that there will always be some that still believe the lawsuit was the right thing to do. Just as there are those of us that no longer agree. For me personally it was asking a lot of questions and eventually no longer being comfortable with the answers I was getting from the lawsuit group. Plus a lot of research.