Sunday, August 8, 2010

Town Manager's Response to Request for "Stand Still" Agreement

Following is an excerpt from an email, sent late on August 6th from the Town Manager, in response to an emailed request that the Town enter into a stand still agreement with the plaintiffs until a judge decides the merits of the case.

In regards to your comments related to the Town entering into a stand-still agreement, this action is not feasible. Stand-still agreements are essentially an agreement between two parties not to take any actions until an issue is resolved. It is akin to calling a truce until some issue (or perhaps many issues) is/are resolved.

This does not take into account a third party that may be involved in the situation. No judge would agree to a stand-still agreement without the third party being involved in the litigation. Even if the two parties entered into an agreement without court approval, they would be sued by the third party because their rights are very clearly implicated by such action.

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