Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Off the chart emissions reported at Sam Wilson Scenic Site in Flower Mound

This Flir video is of the Sam Wilson Gas Production Site off Scenic Rd. in Flower Mound.

Numerous odor and health issue complaints have been made about this production facility. The most recent was made last night. TXSharon reports the following:

By the time TCEQ arrived, the odor was much less but they still registered 1.62 ppm on their Toxic Vapor Analyzer TVA. Remember that toxics are usually measured in ppm so let's do that math.
1.62 ppm = 1620 ppb

Metroplex avg = 35 ppb

1620 / 35 = 46 times the Metroplex average

Also remember that you are being exposed if you can smell it.

This site is a repeat offender!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, it must be time for an 11th rigged air quality report to tell us everything is ok.

Pat said...

What does it take to get this place shut down or for Williams to clean up their act.

How many cases of leukemia or breast cancer will it take?

Disgusting and frustrating!

Carolyn Angerstein said...

Thank you for posting this on your site and letting the citizens of Flower Mound and the surrounding communities be alerted to the air toxins.
Early Fall I left my windows up one night. Big mistake..started couphing immediately and headache for several days. I never get headaches and I seldom couph unless I am sick....which bring me around to another topic.
Putting in a new yard requires being outside most of the time if it is dry and hot. We put in St Augustine this summer and it needs a lot of water to get rooted and spread. Consequently I am outside a lot and I have noticed burning eyes, nose and a nagging couph which developed into an upper respiratory infection that I'm just now getting over.
Flower Mound is picketing the site on 2499 every Saturday morning at 10:00...are there regulations about picketing around the site at Scenic Drive?
The gas well at Scenic Drive is causing toxic air in Double Oak and Flower Mound. I believe, if we can, we should show our disgust with this well and its emmissions by wearing gas masks and standing close by with picket signs to let them know... and the public they are being irresponsible and unaccountable and we DEMAND changes NOW!

Another Concerned Citizen said...

Carolyn, what sub division do you live in? You can send us that info confidentially at

Another Concerned Citizen said...

We will not print any comments where there are threats made or where someone is called an obscene name. Those two that left those comments know who they are and thanks to our stat counter, we know who you are.
Have a great Thanksgiving.