Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bad Blood or Sour Grapes?

This article appeared in Fort Worth Weekly today. Some people just aren't good losers.

It is a good read. There were too many statements made by Ms. Levenick to dispute and frankly not worth the precious time it would take to do so.

This may be my favorite quote:

“This isn’t about sour grapes — this is about the fact that I can’t even keep up with what’s going on in town right now,” said Levenick

Not about sour grapes? Yeah right!

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Anonymous said...

Agree or disagree with the way Smith and Co. ran things, one thing is for sure something isn't right here. I think an investigation needs to take place into the accusations made in the article. Virginia and Jennifer have made a lot of requests, who to say they got all they asked for. If they had, would that have changed the outcome of the lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

So glad these two women are gone. It was just as difficult or maybe even more difficult to get info when these two were in office.
By the way my answer is....sour grapes!

Anonymous said...

If Ms. Levenick only cares about Flower Mound, then why did she choose not to run again! Sour grapes indeed.

Anonymous said...

Funny, since Jean Levenich, Jody Smith and Mike Smith have been gone, Williams has had numerous spills. Or is it we actually know about spills now that Jean Levenick, Jody Smith and Mike Smith are gone?

Anonymous said...

Wait, Ms. Levenick said that she does not know what is going on in town any more. When did that change? As the least educated person ever to serve on council, she never knew what was going on in town unless Jody, Steve, or Jeff told her. And after leaving in disgrace... but be sure Ms. Levenick, we have long memories of you and your "service" to our community. Nice whine...need crackers to go with that?

Anonymous said...

Oh I love polls! I vote for Sour Grapes.