Thursday, December 16, 2010

Flower Mound Oil & Gas Board of Appeals Deny All Variances

Last night, or should we say this morning, the Flower Mound Oil & Gas Board of Appeals denied all variance requests for the Titan/Powell pad site and the Keystone/Smith pad site.

One of the issues was the proximity of the Titan/Powell pad site to the Oncor Sub-Station and property line. Just over 105 feet. There were other concerns at this site.

On the Keystone/Smith pad site, 7 variances were needed. This pad site would sit very close to Lake Grapevine, a drinking water source for many DFW municipalities including Grapevine and Dallas. Variances for environmentally sensitive areas were requested and denied as well.

Many citizens spoke in opposition for both pad sites. Some coming from the City of Dallas Council. The organized opposition presentations were well thought out and delivered in a very professional manner.

The Titan/Keystone attorney came out of the gate threatening the board members with personal law suits. Apparently the board stuck to the criteria and did not let the intimidation sway their decision.

On a sad note, a Flower Mound mother spoke about receiving blood test results right before the meeting. These tests showed 3 different chemicals that may be linked to local drilling sites in her daughter's blood.

Click here for a brief news article about the meeting


Anonymous said...

Go ahead, threaten to sue, bankrupt the Town, blah blah blah blah. All you guys GET IN LINE behind Red Oak, we'll file protection (won't need to, a judge will not as a practical matter bankrupt a Town with 60k+ residents) and come out on top anyways. The threats were hollow and had the reverse impact you expected them to. Apparently the Town can beat its chest just as much as Titan and Keystone can. Buh Bye.

Anonymous said...

Titan just filed. It appears they are more efficient at filing lawsuits than drilling gas wells.
So our "Good Neighbord" now has 2 pending suits against the Town, one is still active even though they have a pad site for that one.