Friday, December 31, 2010

IMPORTANT: Natural Gas Leak at Bob Smith #2

A near explosion from the Bob Smith Williams site. Residents said it sounded like a loud jet engine. From the Flower Mound Website:

At 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, December 30, 2010, the Flower Mound Fire Department responded to a natural gas leak from a valve at the Dr. Bob Smith #2 well located at 4000 Shiloh Road. A resident reported a loud noise coming from the well pad site. The FMFD responded within three minutes of notification and confirmed the noise as well as a vapor plume coming from the equipment area housing the dehydration units. Air monitoring began immediately to detect any gas plume and two additional fire units, from Stations #1 and # 4, responded to provide additional air monitoring equipment. Police assistance was requested to briefly shut down FM 1171 and Shiloh Road to allow for monitoring to verify no hazard existed downwind.

The Williams Company, operators of the well site, were notified and arrived to close the valves to stop flow. It was determined the leak was a result of a deteriorated valve located on the well side of the equipment before it reaches dehydration/sedimentation separation. Sand and fine grit contained in the gas moving through the pipe created friction causing wear. The valve remains closed and will require maintenance to bring the production back on-line. A Williams Petroleum Engineer inspected the site to be certain no other issues were present. The Town’s Gas Inspector is working with the Williams Safety Division to begin documentation of the incident. Based on additional analysis, and as the Town was unable to verify at the time the amount of gas released, the incident was reported to TCEQ. Additional information should be available early next week.
Posted 12/31/2010.

Click here for press release.
Click here for air quality report around the time of the leak.


Karen said...

How many more near miss situations can our good neighbors get away with?? This makes me want to puke and I haven't even started my New Year's drinking...

FloMoMomma said...

On another town's website it tells residents to call 911 when they hear that "jet engine sound"!!!

Anonymous said...

One cigarette out wth window could be a problem. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:34.
So true. Well said!

Anonymous said...

I guess we can just stop drilling for gas and see how well you guys do without it. You need it so stop complaining that companies are drilling for gas and oil around you. Want them to stop? Then don't use the products. Pure ignorance!