Monday, December 20, 2010

Substandard pipe steel pipe used for U.S. pipeline companies

Pipe mills produced substandard steel pipe during 2007 and 2009 for some United States pipeline companies. Some question whether or not all that defective pipe has been found. Here is a paragraph in a report from

Even though the documents released show that certain pipe mills provided most of the defective pipe, none of the documents describe any systematic approach to defining the scope of this problem or identify the final disposition of pipe provided by these mills during this time period. Thus, it is not clear that PHMSA has tracked down all of the potentially defective pipe joints and confirmed that they have been tested and, where necessary, replaced. Accordingly, this report provides recommended actions, accomplishment of which would assure the public that PHMSA has responded fully to the threat created by low-strength steel.

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In the late spring of 2009, the government issued a warning about the defective pipe.
Click here and here to read a report on the warning.

In Shale Country, miles and miles of pipeline is used at high pressure. It is frightening to think that some of the pipes may not have been tracked down.

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