Monday, June 20, 2011

Industry Propaganda Comes In Many Shapes and Now Color

Apparently the industry is having a hard time getting adults to buy the "gas drilling is safe" idea so they have started to target kids. Talisman Energy out of Calgary has put together a coloring book called "Talismans Terry's Energy Adventure"! Terry is a cute and lovable Fracosaurus!

Click here for your very own copy to print off for your kids.

Oh yeah, you might want to add the part where it explains how much water is used and contaminated. Oh yeah, don't forget to draw a pretty picture of the thick black smoke coming from all the trucks and equipment. Maybe add a nice drawing of a gas mask that can be colored and cut out.


Anonymous said...

Unfackinbelievable! How do these people sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

I get the analogy. Fracking is like a dinosaur. It is a big nasty beast that will kill you if it gets the chance and the industry and people in which it operates hasn't changed in the last 400 million years.

greenfrog said...

Perhaps we should design our own coloring book showing the dangers with our own child friendly character. Any artists out there up to the challenge?

Anonymous said...

Love the final page that they "ask" the owner's permission to drill, once they find where the gas is. They failed to bring up the "exception to Rule 37" or "right to capture." Can you say stealing, children?