Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shale gas....Not the Big Deal after all?

By now most of you have seen this article about how shale gas is not the big deal the industry wants us to think it is. The article mentions Deborah Rogers. If you have not had an opportunity to hear her talk about the "shale's", you are missing out. She has a great perspective and is loaded with information to back it up.

Click here to see Deborah Rogers speech at the Earthwork's-Oil and Gas Accountability Project's Oil & Gas Summit in Pittsburgh in November 2010.

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Anonymous said...

Finally had time to read this report and can't tell you what a blessing it is that this story broke before it is too late. I knew Deborah's personal story, but never knew her professional background. What a smart woman to catch onto the fallacy of this scheister industry back in 2009. O&G is no different than the's and the sub-prime loans that nearly destroyed our economy three years ago. Hasn't Americans had enough yet of these liars?