Monday, June 13, 2011

No...the are not fracking on Hilliard.

The rig on Hilliard is not for fracking. It is work-over rig on site doing routine gas well maintenance. For more info on Workover Rigs click here.

The town will be adding info on this to the Gas Well Status Report.

The rig will be on the Hilliard site for about a week.

Last week, Heath Consultants, were on site. From Heath's website:

We are a manufacturer and consulting firm that provides a variety of products and services for the utility protection and damage prevention markets. Heath Consultants Incorporated was founded in 1933, with an initial focus on leak detection for the natural gas industry.
Through the years, Heath has expanded its products and services with a goal of becoming the world leader in utility protection and damage prevention. From portable gas detectors, confined space monitors, pipe and cable locators, to water leak detection equipment, Heath provides leading edge products and instruments. Gas leak investigation and inspections, underground utility damage prevention, water accountability and training are among the specialties which make Heath Consultants an expert in utility services. Innovation and an active research and development team consisting of engineers and marketing experts keep up with the ever changing market demands to provide state-of-the-art services and products.

As of today, no fracking schedule has been submitted by Titan. No ruling has been handed down on the Rule 37 protests either.


Anonymous said...

Conversations with Gary from Cherokee Horn about how "The drilling rig will only be there for 30 days and then gone forever" keeps coming back to me. So when we called you a "liar", it appears we were factually correct.

FMCAUD said...

The town told us Hearh was there doing a routine checki of the Atmos line.