Sunday, August 21, 2011

Does the TCEQ know their @$$ from a hole in the ground?

So much going on here in Barnett Shale country. We don't even know where to begin.

There is something in the air in Argyle and Bartonville. Dibromoethane or EDB, a known carcinogen, has been found present in air in these communities 6 times since December 2010. It seems that the TCEQ is in denial. Residents and ABC Alliance members are asking for the EPA to conduct an investigation asap. Below is a paragraph from the post.

The Alliance would like an immediate investigation done by the EPA to determine the source of the EDB and provide for its elimination. It seems like a reasonable request, but now TCEQ state investigators are denying that their scientific testing techniques were ever scientific and it is possible that the detected carcinogen was never detected at all. One mistake in testing we could understand, or maybe even two mistakes in detection. But this carcinogen was detected SIX TIMES.

The Denton Record Chronicle reports on this issue.

This community is no stranger to health effects from living near gas drilling production facilities. Click here to read some of the health issues documented by the residents in Argyle and Bartonville.

Texas Sharon talks about the TCEQ's admission that they lack the science to be sure what we are breathing long-term. And asks a good question. "Is the TCEQ trying to preempt a scandal?"

Another Texas agency failing the citizens. Oh and our  Governor wants a moratorium on all regulations across this country!!! We are in trouble folks.