Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Frack Schedule Set For Titan/Hilliard Site in Flower Mound

The town of Flower Mound has posted the fracking schedule for the Hilliard Property.
Fracking is scheduled to begin September 12th and end September 27th.

Click here to review.

Report all suspicious odors and health issues (even if no odor is present)
TCEQ online form:
TCEQ toll-free at 888-777-3186
TCEQ e-mail


Anonymous said...

We will be watching you. This is OUR Backyard!!!!!!

Susan said...

This sucks!

Anonymous said...

Let's frack them before they frack us!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone, report everything and anything that doesn't look right, smell right, sound right etc.
Don't just assume that it is normal.
Sometimes you may not smell an odor but not feel right. Don't be afraid to complain.

If you hear anything or feel shaking etc. Report it!! Every time and over and over again.

They want to drill this close to where people are living and with that comes thousands of eyes, ears and noses!!!!!

Oh yeah and video cameras too.

Anonymous said...

Also, don't be shy to call the numbers listed on their nice big signs out in front, just to chat, ask questions, complain about the dust, noise, lack of sleep, etc. They have taken enough of our time in the last 3 years, it's only fair play to now take some of theirs. We've spent way to much time yelling at either other, it is now time to yell at the source of the problem, Titan Operating.

Anonymous said...

sorry anon 12:38, not lowering myself to your level. think i will stick to dignified measures instead of elementary school tactics.

Anonymous said...

Ask the people in Argyle what years of documentation with "dignified measures" gets you with TCEQ and RRC, nowhere.

Anonymous said...

There are cases where people called and called and kept records all their info, like the Ruggieros, and violations were given.
Just maybe Titan does care about their reputation and doesn't want to be a "Williams".
I may be wishful thinking.

Eric Jellison said...

Williams just withdrew a Rule 37 to comply with field rules in the BS. Titan relentlessly chose to steal this property without provocation, against property owners desire and ultimately without compensation. BS field rules exist for a reason, it would be nice if Titan would follow them. I don't think they care much about their reputation.

Anonymous said...

To the person who posted 4 posts back how is that elementary tactics. Are you freaking kidding me. It is our obligation to respond. There are laws in our Town, State and Federal Government that must be followed for Safety, Welfare and Quality of Life. I am sorry just because Titan won the Rule 37 doesn't mean I am going to rollover and die when it comes to my sanctity of life along with my family and children. Our children are now in school they need there sleep. You need to decide what is important to you in your life and quit giving in to the "Bullies" of this world. Stand up for what you believe in and especially when it comes to right and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Are you yourself not a bully for suggesting that people follow such tactics. Titan followed the law and you don't like the results so you advocate harassment. Mmmmmm...sounds more like JR High to me...Elementary kids are typically a bit nicer. If you want to teach your children a lesson teach them that there are laws that you might not agree with, but there are proper channels to try and get them changed. Acting like a bunch of idiots will only prove to everyone that...oh're an idiot!

FMCAUD said...

Annon 2:46. I went ahead and posted your comment but DO NOT come on here again and call a concerned parent or resident an idiot.
I know who you are and I am not surprised at your comment.

Those commenting are stating that they will be watching to make sure Titan follows the rules. We do have the right to call when we feel something is not right. That is being responsible and mature not childish like your "idiot" comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining the obvious to this person who made the I am an idiot statement. I have been doing this a lot longer than you have sweetheart! I still can't believe this poster doesn't get it...but maybe after your explanation of being a responsible and mature citizen they will quit the name calling. Obviously you don't get out much and read and research before you just spot off at the mouth. No I am not the Bully I am defending what is mine that is not harassment if you even know what that word means. Did you make it through Junior High because if you did you wouldn't be such a judge you would've read the books and you would have a better understanding of what the fight is all about. But whatever...There is still a chance for you College just started.

Keep 'Em Squirming said...

Has anybody wondered why the oil and gas industry, along with their different trade associations, are spending millions of dollars for PR on television and radio spots, along with print advertising? Are the leaseholders who are receiving royalties aware that they paying for all of this advertising? Maybe if the industry wanted to do business status quo pro, they should have stayed away from our schools, our homes and our community.

Let's keep the industry spending that money, along with their political campaign contributions to the Texas Railroad Commission.

Anonymous said...

Last I checked America was a free country and I have the right to say what I like...if you choose to censor it that's your decision.

As far as your slap on the wrist...I said if you act like an idiot then you prove you are one...I never called a single person an idiot, although I would like to point out that you don't hold everyone that posts on your boards to the same standards...I guess your righteous indignation only comes into play for those that believe the same thing you do.

I never said that a parent or a resident was an idiot...and I love how you let the poster after you slam me in a very direct manner and yet seem to have no problem with their post. I didn't realize that this was only a place where people who all thought exactly the same were allowed to speak...I thought that this was a public forum.

Simply because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I am uneducated. I never said that you cannot and should not call with valid concerns. However, I was commenting back to anon poster from 1:01pm...obviously they were endorsing harassment...not smart and actually not legal if you want to be technical about it.

Anonymous said...

Also...I love the threat of "I know who you are"...

Do you really know who I am? And if you do...and if you disclose that information as you are overtly threatening to then do you realize that you will violate the terms and conditions of this site?

It's not fun when you have to be the one to play by the rules I suppose.

FMCAUD said...

We never disclose anonymous posters but we have every right to track the traffic on this blog. The service we use is legal and gives IP address and in some cases locations.

"...oh're an idiot!"
Your words not ours.

"Titan followed the law and you don't like the results so you advocate harassment." We as residents have every right to make sure they continue to follow the rules. As long as we do not trespass onto the property, we can monitor the activity. This is in our neighborhood and last we checked it is not against the law to have a neighborhood watch group.

This is our blog, we get to make the decisions on what goes in and what doesn't. But we have always published your comments. Apparently most people don't agree with you.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:35 more people agree with you than this blog realizes. thank you for saying what many have thought!

Anonymous said...

When they start fracking at Hillard, even those who may agree with drilling will be surprised at how smelly, dusty and loud it is.
This no way belongs this close to schools and homes. Just watch the video posted in the houseplant post. I guarantee even anon 12:35 wouldn't want this 1000 feet from their house!!!

Anonymous said...

Do people realize that living so close to the airport you are at a large risk of pollutants from the massive number of cars on the roads and the higher percentage of air traffic.

Please...there has become a hysterical pitch to so much of this drilling rhetoric that it's becoming tired.

I'm not saying drilling is good...I'm not saying drilling is bad. However, it is NOT the only pollutant in the air.

I would be interested to see a statical analysis of what is more likely...a gas drill exploding or a plane falling out of the sky...remember residents of Flower Mound, your neighborhoods that you are screaming to protect from drilling are right in the flight path for approximately 40-50% of the air traffic in and out of DFW.

Just curious of anyone ever thinks of that.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:07 completely agree with you. Does everything have to revolve around drilling? Dumping jet fuel over us can not be good for us either.

On another note, to the anon poster (11:35am)that was speaking about the rules only applying to certain people. I believe your point was proven in the comment section of the houseplant post.

David said...

This blog is about drilling.
Chemicals are released through gas drilling and take some time to disperse, same as the airplanes. But most airplanes are much higher than 1000' up when passing over Flower Mound.
Also, Chemicals from gas drilling start at gound level. In the recent case where a plane drop some fuel, it was still high up in the air and most of it evaporated before hitting the ground.
As far as airport pollution, yes it exists and now we have gas drilling adding to the toxic mess.

Tired Of Getting Fracked said...

Last I checked this blog was about drilling. So most everything on this blog is about drilling and anything related to drilling like, chemicals, air quality, leaks, spills, Rule 37's, lawsuits, water issues, leases, surrounding communities with drilling (since chemicals from drilling don't stop at borders from town to town) noise, regulations, etc.

I for one am thankful that this blog and others like it exist. I have learned a lot just reading the articles and studies posted on this blog and other blogs.

Anonymous said...

I see we have a few drill baby drill, chemical sniffing, frack loving individuals trying to discredit this blog.

Do you really think that a blog about being against urban drilling will ever give you some love? Now that would be hypocritical.

You can't help yourself can you. You don't want to come here and read posts and comments but you do.

Thanks FMCAUD, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

At Anon September 7, 2011 1:07 PM

You do bring up a valid point. Drilling is NOT our only concern. We live in a very toxic world due to our dependence on fossil fuels and the want for convenience. It is up to each of us to conserve as much as possible.

And to Anon September 6, 2011 11:35AM, you did not infer that the commenter was an idiot, you said "you're an idiot." I'm glad that I do not know you. If you are getting on this blog to somehow show your loyalty to a certain political group, this is maybe not the blog for you as you only continue to make yourself look bad. That is maybe why someone made the comment that they did under the houseplant post, because we are tired of the toxicity that politics have spewed in our town.

Though I am not a proponet of urban drilling, and certainly not fracking anywhere, I do respect the opinions of those who disagree with me. We CAN agree to disagree and thank you for making your points rationally and intelligently, without the attacks.

Anonymous said...

I realize that this is a drilling blog...I was simply pointing out that by focusing so much energy on only drilling you are missing a much bigger picture.

Never suggested that anyone who protested shouldn't. Never suggested that anyone who didn't protest should.

What I have noticed however is that the people who are against drilling become virulently vicious when they feel their position is being challenged in the slightest...suggesting that anyone who disagrees is unintelligent.

Isn't the dogmatic following of any one belief a bit much at times...shouldn't intelligence be based on a person's capability and willingness to learn versus your projected perception their belief system?

Honestly...if someone where looking for additional information the absolute vitriolic attitude of some people on the anti drilling side would be extremely off putting.

Perhaps instead of insulting people's intelligence as a default to an opinion that differs from yours you could offer assistance and education. You cannot change someone's mind with harsh words and rhetoric...invite them to have a conversation and you will go a long way to proving your own intelligence.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

This is anon set the record straight...again...

I said "Acting like a bunch of idiots will only prove to everyone that...oh're an idiot!"

If you take that as calling the individual an idiot I cannot control your perception.

However, it was explained clearly that if you display certain actions will only bear out being obviously labeled.

Personally I know I have behaved in an idiotic manner several times in my life - as I am sure we all have - and honestly, I would rather a friend tell me that I was being an idiot that let me continue to act like one.

Seriously people you really need to calm down...all I was trying to say is that if you act a certain way then you will be perceived and labeled a certain way. Glad that people here are so open minded and willing to be understanding.

Anonymous said...

I live near Riverwalk. When they were trying to drill where the hospital is, I was very worried. I don't blame those that live near Hilliard for being concerned and worried.
I grew up in Oklahoma and we had oil wells near us but not as close as the Titan well is to some of those homes.
Gas drilling is a much dirtier process than oil drilling.
If this well was near my neighborhood or child's school I don't think it would be that easy to "calm down".
I pray that there are no issues and no danger comes to all these families living near this site.

Okie from Muskogee said...

I too grew up in Oklahoma with oil wells. However, it was conventional vertical drilling, not horzizontal hydraulic fracturing done with chemicals and exposives. We did not see the processing done at the drilling site, either. Oil drilling was certainly not done within the community near homes, schools, etc., but outside of town. It was common decency not to drill so close to where people live. Have we lost this virtue as a society, expecially when it comes to making money?

And all of you people who grew up in Midland, who like to boast that you grew up next to a rig and it's all okay. You moved to the nuisance and not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

at Anon 11:35

This blog may not be the appropriate place to work out your anger issues.

Anonymous said...

LOL...again with the personal anger issues here. This is becoming amusing though.

Being as nice and diplomatic as possible is still not satisfying to some people who simply want to argue I suppose.

Rising Above A^^Y said...

at Anon September 9, 2011 2:46 PM

Nice and diplomatic? Full of piss and vinegar is what you are. And so funny that you always have to put LOL in your comments. My 5th grader quit saying that a few years ago.

Oh well, please go ahead and respond to this comment, since you always have to have the last word.

Eric Jellison said...

Oxymoron for the day...A "personal attack" against "Anonymous"?

Anonymous said...

Such anger and bitterness - such a sad way to live