Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flower Mound and surrounding communities breast cancer rates on the rise

The Denton Record Chronicle published this article about the rising numbers of breast cancer in communities on the Barnett Shale. It will be interesting to see what the State of Texas does with this information. Just to jog some memories, Back in early 2010, the State of Texas did their own cancer cluster study for leukemia, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, and breast cancer here in Flower Mound. We all remember what came of that......

After finding an elevated number of breast cancer in Flower Mound, the Texas Department of Health Services said the breast cancer result could be due to overall population increases in Flower Mound and the likelihood that women in this area are more frequently screened for breast cancer. 

Just to clarify this excuse, if a woman doesn't get screened and doesn't know she has breast cancer, she is less likely to die from it? Wow, our insurance companies would be happy to hear that.

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