Friday, May 9, 2008

Random Observations about the Town Council Elections

Did you see Jean Levenick's flyer which included her statement that "It offends me, a resident and voter of Flower Mound, that she [Virginia Jellison] now asks for your vote." What?!?!

Have you noticed that the large campaign signs for Jean Levenick and Steve Dixon generally are placed on large landowners' properties?

Have you noticed that many of the Al Filidoro and Virginia Jellison yard signs also have a "Say NO to urban drilling" sign next to them?

Have you seen any of the "Say NO" signs next to Dixon and Levenick signs?

Please vote on Saturday. 7:00am to 7:00pm at the Police & Court Bldg.


Anonymous said...

That's because Just Say No to Urban Drilling endorses they other two- even though they all come down the same way on the issue. More scare tactics- shame on you!

Tammi said...

How can you say that "Just Say No" endorses the other two candidates? They didn't even take a position on the gas drilling issue until they realized it was a hot button in this election. If shame is to be put on anyone, it should be our Mayor for linking her signs with the other candidates. After stating in an article that she hasn't spoken out much during this election because she didn't want to seem like she was endorsing certain candidates. This is not a scare tactic...this is a fact and has been from the beginning. Yes, I am scared if Jean Levenick gets on board. JUst because Jean and Steve have sat on boards do not make them more qualified than any other person. If you want more of the same and are happy with the direction the Town is going, vote for them. That is your right to do so. I have exercised mine by voting for change and Al and Virginia.