Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Water

The drilling companies continue to say that the water used in the fracing process is completely safe. Nothing more than water and sand.

Here's an article worth reading. . Several people in Hill County are having serious problems with their wells. Wells that have produced clean, healthy water for years. All of their properties are within a couple of hundred yards of two gas wells drilled by Williams Production-Gulf Coast Co. Hydrologists have tested the water and the residents have been told not to use the water for anything, not even watering the grass. Of course, Williams has denied any problem and the RRC has been of no help.

FM citizens have raised many concerns about our water supply but those concerns have been dismissed by The FM Oil and Gas Board.

Some quotes from Chair Murphy taken from the minutes of the March 12 meeting:
"And you talk about polluted water. Well, there's a thing called a closed loop system that's being used. The water is not eroding the ground."

"And with the closed loop system and even if the trucks have to be brought in, it's still much safer for our environment and for our water than the fertilizers or the the aerated septic tanks on the two-acre estates that water the grass that runs into Lake Grapevine;"

Best case, WE DON'T KNOW YET. We don't know the full impact of drilling in an urban setting. No one has all the answers yet, not even FM's Oil and Gas Board which claims to be so much smarter than us.

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