Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Say NO to Urban Gas Drilling" signs are here!!

I just got in a huge order of "Just Say NO to Urban Gas Drilling" signs. They're $3 each and I'm hoping that each of you would be willing to take 10 or more. (You know, Cherokee Horn pays people $100 to put "Gas is Good" signs in their yard. We need to demonstrate that we don't have to be paid to express our opinion.)

Please put one in your yard and ask your neighbors if they would, as well. These signs are a great way to let folks know that there's a group of us out here that's not going to just roll over and let the drillers destroy Flower Mound with drilling in our highly residential areas.

I know that many of you have HOA's whose covenants supposedly prohibit signs. While I am not an attorney (and I am NOT offering legal advice), other attorneys have told us that these signs ultimately come down to freedom of speech and as such, cannot be prohibited. Plus, they are NOT commercial and they are in the public interest.

Please let me know how many signs you would like to have. I would love to quickly run out and have to reorder!

You can email me at:

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danielmcdonald said...

Not clear on how to get the signs.
I will send you an e-mail.